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“Going to the pictures” – with art prints and art posters from posterlounge.co.uk

Who does not know them – the famous movies? Almost anyone has seen them at one time or another. And has thoroughly enjoined them. And has felt admiration for the heroes acting in them. And has felt sadness and sentimentality and has laughed and maybe has shed a tear or two; - or even quite a lot of them. The very sight of one of those posters that has become famous in their own way takes us back to the hours we have spent spellbound in front of the screen, watching intensely the actions of the protagonists´. – A lot of people are not satisfied with their memories of these pictures, though – they like to have a reminder of a certain movie close at hand: at Posterlounge there is a nice selection of art prints and art posters available. What comes with memory … is it the joy of munching in abundance from a vast bowl of pop-corn? Sipping at a cooled soft drink while watching on a drama, tragedy, slapstick, or a comedy? Movies do play an important part in our lives; far more than most of us realize. Why else, then, did we stick small ‘bits and ends’ on our walls when we were a child? - As an adult we can have it more stylishly: an art print by Posterlounge with our favorite would be quite nice, wouldn´t it?

Audrey, Marilyn, Jimmy – they are all there: art prints and art posters at Posterlounge

Who has not rejoiced, at least once in his life, in the part Audrey Hepburn played in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany´s’, all made up with false jewels and pearls, wearing a long evening dress although it was very early in the morning? The glamour, the splendour, the very beauty of this fragile woman! Yet, in real life she was tough and proved herself as too hard to break. No wonder a lot of people do want a picture of her, showing her with a very long cigarette-holder she used to handle with the very grace that was hers. There are quite a lot of art prints and art posters at Poserlounge.de showing her in this attitude. Maybe though the choice comes to one of the famous murals, done by several artists, of ‘Unforgettable, Divine’ Marilyn Monroe. There are quite a few art prints and art posters at Posterlounge.de showing her beautiful face, framed by her famously done hair. Of course there is also to mention James Dean in this selection of pictures; the immortal rebel with the handsome features and – those eyes always filled with sadness. He, too, looks down on us from various pictures.

Gandalf and Don Camillo: nice art prints

Who does not find himself intrigued by J. R. R. Tolkien´s tremendous work of literary art “The Lord of the Rings”? For a very long time this material, being woven by so many a wonder, was considered as being impossible to be transformed into a movie. Yet – pictures did exist a long time before Peter Jackson, this genius in his own right, managed to create the unforgettable trilogy that is known by many a person as “The Lord of the Rings”. At Posterlounge there are to find a lot of art prints and art posters, also a beautifully done mural showing Gandalf, the magnificent magician, in all his splendour, although being yet “only” “Gandalf the Gray”. We also find pictures of another man in Posterlounge’s selection of art prints and art posters, a man of quite a different personality: The determined opponent of communism – and its´ equally determined defender called ‘Peppone’ – yes, we are talking about ‘Don Camillo’ himself, the priest with the strong hands, the strong mind and the – strong heart, beating ceaselessly for humanity and, of course: the LORD. There are quite a lot of pictures of him, always sly.


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