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Your Stars on movie posters and music posters

They sparkle like bright stars in the sky of the film and music business and let us delve into their dazzling, glamorous world. Thanks to newspapers, Internet and television we can accompany stars and starlets every day, as well as see and hear what is important and trendy and in Hollywood and other show-biz cities. We often try to emulate our great idols, want to be beautiful like Audrey Hepburn, extravagant like Lady Gaga or cool like Kurt Cobain. Would you like to get even closer up to your stars, to feel them inspire you from close range? Then the posters from Posterlounge are precisely what you’re looking for! Here you will find large-format pictures of the most famous actors, most outstanding athletes, divas and grandes dames of show business. These pictures can help you decorate the walls of your home with a touch of glamour from the stage or screen world. Get ready to roll out the red carpet because the greatest movie and music icons are about to stroll into your living room on our star posters and art prints!

Rub shoulders with the movie stars – thanks to our movie posters!

It is probably one of your favourite activities: going to the cinema! Large, soft, comfortable seats, a huge screen, great sound, delicious popcorn and refreshing beverages make a visit to the cinema a special event to be remembered for a long time. If the film also features your favourite star, the evening could not be any better! Unfortunately, your enjoyment only lasts a couple of hours, but you would like it to linger on longer. No problem with the magnificent movie posters that you can discover here in the online shop. These posters can help you take the most beautiful, exciting, touching moments of your favourite movies back home with you. With cinema posters you can travel to Middle-earth and experience the “Lord of the Rings” or rub shoulders with the heroes from “The Hunger Games”. You are a fan of the old classics like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “Gone with the Wind”? These movie posters are of course also available to decorate your home!

Music posters will help put your favourite music on the wall!

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry or Eminem – the music business is full of stars and bands. It is they who enrich our lives with pop melodies and wonderful songs. But they can also be a real highlight on music posters and star posters, giving the living room decoration that something extra. Bob Marley and Elvis Presley are the heroes of your youth? If so, they must not be missing from your posters, which can serve as a fitting monument to your idols. Whenever you look at the pictures, you’ll want to immediately turn on the radio, listen to your favourite songs and tap your feet to the beat...

The most famous celebrities and your very own idols for your home!

If you don’t want to give your walls a new coat of paint yet still yearn for change, then the celebrity posters from Posterlounge are precisely what you’re looking for! Here you'll discover not only the motifs of actors and musicians, but also the pictures of famous and fascinating movie highlights as well as posters from current TV series. Experience “Breaking Bad,” “Thor” or “Assassin's Creed” on the wall; eliminate dreary and bare spots on your walls with the beauty of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Romy Schneider. Or add that missing cool touch to your walls with pictures of James Dean, the “Godfather” or “Batman”. Whatever your preference may be – here at Posterlounge you are sure to find the celebrity poster that you like most and that is sure to enhance the look of your living spaces!


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