Poster hangers

An affordable alternative to picture frames

Want to give your posters some TLC without breaking the bank? Poster hangers are an ingenious way of enhancing and displaying your poster without having to splash out on a traditional picture frame. Poster hangers are essentially two strips of wood that attach to the top and bottom edges of your poster. This gives a beautiful semi-framed effect that gives your poster some extra definition and drama. Poster hangers can be hung from a nail on the wall by their cord, so there’s no need for the Blu-Tac or Sellotape marks your walls would normally suffer when hanging posters!

Magnetic or standard?

At Posterlounge, we have two types of poster hangers: standard and magnetic. Our most affordable option is the standard hanger. With a bit of simple DIY, you place your poster between two strips of wood and screw the pieces together with the screws provided. This holds your poster securely in place and allows you to hang even large prints with ease. If you prefer not to have to dig out the screwdriver, then our magnetic hangers are for you. Simply place your poster between two magnetic strips to secure it – what could be easier? No screws required!

Neither style of hanger will damage your poster and both come in a variety of different lengths to suit your poster size. If you re-decorate or become bored of your poster, you can easily remove it and replace it with a fresh new print without having to buy a new hanger. It’s an investment that will last for years!

Poster hangers in a variety of materials

We have a vast array of artists and styles for you to choose from – from Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh, to contemporary photographic prints and retro posters. So it makes sense that our hangers come in a range of materials that will complement your chosen print. Our standard hangers come in black, white or walnut and are hung from a rustic coconut fibre cord for a down-to-earth look. Choose a magnetic hanger and you can select either a pale birch wood or a warmer teak wood, along with a subtly matched cord colour. It’s up to you which material you feel will bring your poster to life, so go with your gut and you’ll have a finish that you love!