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Picture frames

Frame your posters and make a statement

There’s one sure-fire way to elevate the look of your posters and that is to frame them! Picture frames give your prints definition and make them look much more expensive than they really are. Take a canvas print of a famous masterpiece by Picasso or van Gogh, place it in a complementary frame, and you’ve instantly created a piece that wouldn’t look out of place in a top gallery.
And while many contemporary prints can now look great hung straight onto the wall, choosing a modern frame, such as a floating frame, is a fantastic way of boosting their impact and making them look really special. Whether you love natural wood, monochrome, or eye-catching metallic, take a look at our range of high-quality picture frames to find the best one for your poster!

Wooden picture frames

Our solid wood frames are a timeless choice that suit traditional and contemporary artworks equally well. Grand masterpieces are given an authentic historic feel with our dark brown wooden frames, perfect for hanging in a study or living room. Warm beech picture frames look great with country-style décor and are well-suited to soft floral pictures – perhaps in a bedroom or kitchen? For a modern Scandi look, our pale birch frames are a wonderful match with graphic prints and retro posters.

For a classic look, our simple black or white wooden picture frames let the posters do the talking. A black-and-white photographic print would look striking framed in black, while a white frame paired with a pretty vintage print would look great with ‘shabby chic’ or ‘beach house’ décor.

A touch of gold…

Natural wood looks great, but sometimes we need a touch of shine in our lives, right? Choose a frame with a touch of gold or silver to give your poster a luxurious feel. White frames edged with silver look beautiful with seascapes, reflecting the shimmer of the waves, while a white frame edged with gold has a soft, romantic look that would work really well in a bedroom. To give your posters some real drama, our black frames make prints stand out from the crowd. Japanese-inspired posters work well framed in black edged with gold, while the bright lights of a night-time cityscape would look amazing framed in black edged with silver. Let your imagination run wild and choose a frame you love!