A Holiday on Your Balcony

A Holiday on Your Balcony

Home inspiration & design tips for balconies

It’s definitely time to beautify your balcony! Being lucky enough to have a balcony or terrace represents absolute luxury in a city. Often all that’s there is an old, clapped-out folding chair and a rusty flower pot, but you can turn your balcony into a green paradise in just a few steps. Whether you choose plants in pots or on the walls, summer is here. And along with it, here come our top tips for balcony design and DIY vertical gardening.


Green walls, not grey buildings

It isn’t actually that simple to set up your balcony effectively. Even the way it faces is a key factor and the minimal footprint is also often another challenge. That’s why saving space is the crux of the matter and making use of the balcony’s height is nothing new. In vertical gardens, plants are planted above each other instead of side by side. When it comes to wall art, vertical design options naturally come into play too.

But how does combining balcony and wall art work? Every balcony has at least one and sometimes up to three walls. When used artfully, strings of lights, planters and even pictures can find their rightful place in your space. Wall paintings on weather-resistant materials, such as acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond, combined with plant motifs, can easily lend themselves to creating a small botanical garden with a jungle vibe. Floral scenes on the walls also solve the space problem or can make it easier to arrange flower and plant pots decoratively.

Now, the only thing missing from this petite verdant paradise is some space-saving furniture, such as folding tables, chairs or hammocks, which can be easily stored away when not in use. One little tip… images with a sweeping view create an optical illusion, enlarging the balcony. Travel pictures are ideal for this.

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Herb carton boxes by a garden girl

For Silvia, gardening on her balcony and garden is way more than just a pastime. On her blog, Garten Fräulein (‘Garden Girl’), the young blogger from Germany regularly recounts her current projects, shows off the prettiest pictures of her colourful garden and gives her readers all kinds of tips and creative DIY insights. Her herb DIY project doesn’t only stir up an appetite, but is also eye-catching, thanks to the attractive finish. A must for every plant lover and hobby gardener!
Herb carton boxes 1
These materials are required: cartons, a sharp knife, scissors, cable ties and self-adhesive film and a little potting soil.
Herb carton boxes 2
First, cut off the top part of the carton using the scissors so that about two-thirds remain.
Herb carton boxes 3
Now wrap the carton in the adhesive foil. When doing so, leave a couple of centimetres uncovered at the top and bottom, since these will be folded in.
Herb carton boxes 4
Next make four small cuts on the back using the knife and feed in the cable ties.
Herb carton boxes 5
Now it’s time to fill your home-made pots. Put some earth into the pots, plant the herbs and top up with potting soil.
Herb carton boxes6
Your herb pots can now be mounted on balcony railings. Just fix the cable ties to a suitable place and tighten firmly. All done!

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Getting that holiday feeling at home

If you don’t have the funds this year to finance a big summer holiday, then it’s easy to brighten up your balcony thanks to water-resistant wall art, printed with UV-resistant ink. Depending on the direction of the balcony, various themes are possible. If your balcony is south-facing, you could channel that Mediterranean ambience with matching wall pictures, textiles in warm terracotta tones and fragrant herbs such as lavender, thyme and rosemary.

If the balcony faces east or west, there are no limits to your design options. Any theme is possible on the balcony walls above the seating area. The boho vibe is as popular as ever. Boho comes back again and again, both in terms of wall design as well as furnishings. With outdoor carpets, solar lanterns, storm lamps and comfy cushions as lounge furniture, it’s easy to add a few boho and ethno touches.

Did you know... Light, charming accessories, furniture and motifs in soft blue tones feel like a fresh sea breeze on north-facing balconies that are barely kissed by the sun. Hydrangeas, ferns and begonias are particularly well-suited to this kind of setting.
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