Anna Dittmann – eine waschechte Lebenskünstlerin

Anna Dittmann – Lover of Life and Art

We searched and searched and finally found it: Anna’s endless source of inspiration. She confidently goes her own way, with perseverance and patience. Anna really stands out from the current crowd of motivated young artists. Youthful and positive, she enjoys life to the full, conveying this appreciation through her imaginative artistry.

Anna Dittmann Anna Dittmann Anna Dittmann
For Anna Dittmann, digital illustration is everything. With the encouragement of her parents, she saved up to buy a graphics tablet for her thirteenth birthday. Her hobby quickly became a passion, and Anna developed into an ambitious artist. Her illustrations are also available in the form of wall art in our Posterlounge shop.

Admirers of her work are particularly fond of her unique and characteristic blend of delicate, dreamy seductiveness, with a distant, almost erotic feel. At first glance, the protagonists in her pictures seem to be fantasy figures, without being clearly definable as such. The gloomy atmospheres typical of fantasy art are not invoked here – Anna experiments with a light, ethereal look.

As her name suggests, the artist has German roots, but grew up in the trendy City of San Francisco. She then studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design on the East Coast of the United States. In 2015 and 6,000 kilometres further on, she has settled in her adopted country Scotland: living there currently as a freelancer, she’s constantly inspired by the country’s mystical beauty and dreams of travelling to distant places.
Anna Dittmann’s fantastic journey takes her to various destinations, and we had the honour of accompanying her on part of her journey. Every moment was interesting, since her designs are as full of variety as her life is, and ultimately, each motif tells its own story. Is it some kind of magical process? Anna won’t let on, but she has provided us with some insight into her private life as an artist.

Beauty and the Sea

Anna’s subjects are totally fascinating, with an esoteric, mystical aura, instantly drawing the viewer into the picture. It seems as if Anna the artist had embarked on a journey into the modern age with Alfons Mucha’s glamorous art nouveau paintings. She also depicts young women in a realistic fashion, usually in the form of portraits. In this way, she captures the souls of fictitious characters, giving her heroines a unique quality.

Floating hair and understated shades are reminiscent of an eerie underwater world, hidden from mankind. Anna is actually inspired by the diversity found in nature and its organic forms. Admiring their unpredictability and sheer beauty, she transforms them into illustrations in combination with natural elements.
Anna Dittmann - Ink
Anna Dittmann - Prey
Anna Dittmann - Catching Fire
Just as in the natural world, her images are full of lovingly created detail, prompting the viewer to take a closer look. Some of Anna’s pieces depict sea creatures such as coral, jellyfish and starfish. Fish scales and squid tentacles are subtly integrated into the wall pictures, creating a perfect bathroom decoration. Other pictures show flower blossoms, birds, deer antlers or perhaps insects, for example, dragonflies or butterflies. Even the complex inner workings of a mechanical clock are included in her designs.

Anna admits to being a big film and TV fan. Many of her finest works are inspired by characters from series such as Game of Thrones and Sherlock, favourites from animated movies, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Anna has exactly the right designs for any room, and not just for children and teenagers. The large selection in our shop has original wall pictures from the artist’s range of works for any type of room.

Illustrating the point

The unique, dreamlike style of her paintings is reminiscent of the ornamental works of Gustav Klimt and Alfons Mucha. Just as these two artists did, Anna works with textures and decorative elements, combining them with figurative subjects. At the beginning of her career, she made heavy use of Airbrush tools to create softly diffused surfaces, but now tends towards sharply delineated, clear structures.

Instead of colouring over the designs, Anna uses a selection of hues to accentuate them. As she learned from Japanese art illustration, colour can highlight a painting, but does not have to dominate it. She frequently works with soft, nuanced colours, allowing them to randomly flow into each other like water colours – a perfect contrast to excessively hard contours.

Anna’s artistic career is full of success stories, including the design for two covers of ImagineFX, a magazine for digital artists, and the book cover design for the 21st Century Sirens series by T Stedman. She advises up and coming artists to follow their own instincts and do what they like. There will always be criticism, and negative feedback frequently makes a stronger impression on us than the many compliments we receive for our efforts. Anna has taken her own words to heart and since her pictures have been on sale on our Posterlounge website, her fan following has grown.
Anna Dittmann - Coral Anna Dittmann - Coral Anna Dittmann - Coral
It’s extremely important to Anna that she’s able to do what she loves, and this is reflected in her own work. When viewing her illustrations, one thing is immediately obvious: she is passionate about digital illustration and luckily, this highly motivated artist is also full of self-confidence.
“When I was a child, I wanted to design the world the way I saw it.”
Anna Dittmann - Shield Maiden
Anna Dittmann - Blood Sister

Fan brushes and brush tools

Anna gets down to work at sunset, and continues into the night. When the sun is slowly disappearing below the horizon, she gets out her tablet and starts to create a rough sketch in black and white. The structure is defined, and the first draft design refined with the assistance of real-life reference images on photos and snapshots from friends. In this way, she combines several elements from different pictures.

The next step involves inserting texture and colour at different levels, using Photoshop. The colour shades are then transformed with gradation curves. A few details and a little focus are added, and another project is complete! Anna often works on several pictures simultaneously to stop herself from falling asleep, and stays awake with audio books, series and music.
Anna Dittmann - Mantle Anna Dittmann - Mantle Anna Dittmann - Mantle
“You have to produce a lot of bad art before you do something worthwhile – and that’s OK.”
Anna Dittmann - Bait Anna Dittmann - Bait Anna Dittmann - Bait
Working with digital programmes allows Anna to give free rein to her artistic impulses. An almost infinite palette of colours and backgrounds encourages experimentation, without any materials being wasted. Photoshop’s big advantage is that you can correct a wrongly painted stroke at any time, making the procedure flow more freely. On occasion, however, an illustrator has to resort to traditional drawing utensils, such as pencils.

Anna makes it look like child’s play, yet it’s really hard work. Depending on the complexity of the subject, a picture takes around ten to twenty-five hours. Not all of her sketches are expressive enough to merit being turned into illustrations. With characteristic optimism, she makes use of this to continually improve her style.

Last but not least

Anna Dittmann - Stag Anna Dittmann - Stag Anna Dittmann - Stag
As an artist, Anna regards ‘being creative’ as more than just earning money. It’s her hobby, passion and life’s work. She is involved with art every minute of the day, and couldn’t imagine living without it. It’s clear that the star of our story takes great pleasure in art. Anna does what she loves doing, and it doesn’t seem like work to her. This is precisely what makes wall art versions of her works the ideal inspiration for prospective young artists.

Anna has achieved her goals, fulfilled her dream and still has so much to do. Her positive, can-do attitude won us over completely. She is an irrepressible role model for young artists, because she does what she sets out to do!
We’re glad that Anna listened to her father and went out into the world with pen and paper. Her enchanting illustrations show that perfection is multi-faceted. You can purchase from a selection of Anna’s best works as wall pictures in our shop.

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