Autumn in the Air

Autumn in the Air

Two trend looks to celebrate the start of autumn

Brightly coloured leaves, the last rays of sunshine and dense swathes of mist – autumn is a season with many sides. It’s not only the change in weather that we have to adapt to, there’s also lots happening in our interiors this month. We have gathered together the best tips for extending the summer and getting in the mood for those cooler days ahead.


Fresh colours for summer dreamers

Autumn often comes around so quickly that there’s hardly any time to say goodbye to summer. But don’t despair – with our modern living ideas, it’s easy to maintain that summer feeling and combine the best of both seasons.

If you want to be on-trend this autumn, look no further than the Pantone Color Institute’s colour of the year, nuance Greenery. A fresh green that radiates positive energy on walls or furniture in subtle variations will bring back the lightness and vitality of summer into your home.

By pairing it with related darker tones such as petrol, it’s easy to conjure up an elegant transition to an atmospheric autumn interior.

Another option is to paint the room in warm shades of grey or earth tones, then add a few splashes of sunshine with bright gold cushion covers and vases. To introduce some variety, you can complement these colour schemes with light natural rugs, linen tablecloths and wall pictures. An essential element are green plants or a single long-stemmed dried flower, such as a hydrangea, which strike a more modern note than a bouquet. Plants in the form of wall motifs are also a fantastic feature all year round.

Fresh colours for summer dreamers - products

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Layered Leaves
Wild Flower Meadow
Blue Hydrangea

Ready to get cosy?

As the days start to get shorter, it’s time to bring out the fairy lights and lanterns. Balmy late summer evenings are best enjoyed snuggled up among blankets and cushions, gazing at the flickering of candles and the stars in the night sky – a simply unbeatable atmosphere!

When the temperature drops, we begin to spend more time indoors in the warm. Walls clad in fir green, sage or night blue make for a cosy and inviting home habitat. These strong, dark colours exude an elegant and mysterious aura, providing a fantastic stage for bold highlights in vibrant red or orange. To stop things getting excessively colourful, simple drawings classically presented in a mount and frame on walls provide a resting place for the eye and create a focal point. Impressionist paintings on canvases likewise have a calming effect. Their popular landscape motifs pick up on the colours of the season or create pleasing contrasts. Even in autumn, it’s the perfect way to make your rooms blossom.

Ready to get cosy? - products

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The cornfield
Olive Trees in the Moreno Garden

Autumn decorating with paintings by Edgar Degas

The evocative motifs used by Edgar Degas are infused with an unparallel sense of tranquillity. Their harmonious colour palette is the ideal match for the autumn look. Each ballet motif, each snapshot and each portrait tells a unique story. On 27 September 2017 it will be 100 years since the death of Degas. What better occasion for us to pay tribute to the remarkable works of art by this French painter.

Degas’ portfolio of pastel drawings and oil paintings combines different elements of impressionism, even though the clear and precise lines in his paintings are a deviation from the typical style. As stylistically faithful canvas prints, his most famous works ‘The Ballett Class’, ‘The Star’ and ‘The Dance Class’ will evoke a feeling of autumn while maintaining the lightness of summer with delicate ballerina motifs.

Did you know … The style of the artist Edgar Degas, real name Hilaire Germain Edgar de Gas, is difficult to define. The strong contrasts in his paintings were created with a dark, earthy colour palette which was not typically used by the impressionists. However, through his choice of motifs, Degas intentionally drew parallels with the impressionist way of painting – a successful fusion of elements!
Autumn decorating with paintings by Edgar Degas - products

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The Dance Foyer at the Opera on the rue Le Peletier
Green Dancers
Seated Bather
La Toilette

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