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Back to School

Gift ideas for the first day of school

The first day at school is a big step for young children whereas the older ones are soon getting back to school after the summer holidays. How about giving them an educational poster instead of candies and colouring pencils to prepare them for the new school year? We will show you which posters and prints are a big hit with kids.


Cool educational posters to learn letters and numbers

Children simply love animals! So why not combine the ABCs and 123s with cuddly animal motifs? The easiest way to memorise the letters is by using mnemonics such as the animal alphabet. What is more, multilingual posters help prepare your children for foreign language lessons at primary school.


Informative map posters

Geography and general knowledge are more closely connected than one might think. Ornamental vintage city and world maps bring a cosmopolitan touch to your children’s room and provide your kids with additional information.

Did you know ... The visual learner observes and reads a lot, that is why educational posters including images and letters are perfectly suited for children with a preference for visual learning. It is worth the effort to adapt the learning strategy to your youngsters’ needs.

Funny animal posters

Monkeys, pandas, racoons or foxes – you will definitely find a favourite among our beastly nice selection! And just like that, your kids will learn about the diversity of species living on Earth in a charming and funny way.


Biology posters and botanic prints

It’s true, X-ray pictures make quite an unusual kind of wall art for children’s rooms. But who knows? Perhaps your little boy or girl would like to become a doctor later in life.


More inspiration to create a stylish kids’ room

Finally, a room where you can let your creativity run wild! However, if the cheerful mix of styles causes a confusing mess of colours, furnishings and wall prints, something may have gone wrong. Niki from the blog My Scandinavian Home has something against chaos in her girls’ room. Originally from London, the blogger lives in Sweden today, which makes her an expert when it comes to clean Scandinavian interior design. Niki shares a few tips and tricks on how to add a taste of the popular Nordic minimalism to children’s rooms.
My Scandinavian Home - Room My Scandinavian Home - Room My Scandinavian Home - Room
More inspiration to create a stylish kids’ room - Products

1. Image 2. Wooden shelves & coat rack 3. Pencil case tipikids 4. Child's teepee

‘To create a stylish Scandinavian kids’ room start with a simple white canvas (white walls and perhaps even a white or very light wood floor). The key is to draw in the natural light and allow it bounce around the room. You can then layer the look with pops of fun colours such as green and yellow. You may even want to add black for contrast – try heart, polka dot or rain drop stickers. And finally, add warmth using wood and vintage pieces such as a reclaimed school desk and classic toys picked up at a flea market.’

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