Back to the 50s!

Back to the 50s!

The charm of the past with brass and bronze

Whatever fashion does, interior design can do, too! Past trends are always being rediscovered and reinterpreted. Long-discarded objects are once again transformed into new favourites. Fortunately, interior design trends are far more enduring. The 1950s are currently celebrating a comeback, with all that the era evokes. So we’ve put together some practical tips on how to make the nostalgic trend work at home, too.


Life in the 50s

In the middle of the 20th century, while rock’n’roll and rockabilly were moving the masses and Elvis Presley images adorned the walls of every teenager’s room, interior design was living it up, too. The look was so popular that it has been copied every decade since and this year is no different, with the era having a clear impact on designer collections.

Now, as ever, hand-crafted furniture and decorative pieces made of solid materials ensure a feeling of resilience. And what could be better suited to this ambience than two timeless classics – brass and bronze? Unlike gold and copper, these two copper alloys are more restrained, yet nevertheless make an impression in the form of lamps, candlesticks and cupboard handles, thanks to their minimalist elegance.

The symbiosis of interior design featuring 50s style – large prints and earthy tones – means that the stage is perfectly set for decorative elements made of brass and bronze.

Posterlounge tip: We think opting to decorate with brass is particularly exciting, since it offers the perfect combination of warm and cold as well as matt and shiny, due to its elegant patina. Mixing metals and natural materials with raw surfaces, made of wood, cork or linen creates an entirely unique effect. A large, clear pattern on upholstery and wall pictures results in a sleek look, where metals don’t steal the show, but instead, truly make it shine.
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The vintage trend – a journey into the past

Letting a touch of the past come to life on your own walls is a romantic notion, tying in to the nature of vintage style. Decorative elements made of brass and bronze enable you to enhance your own home with the elegant glamour of the 50s in a matter of moments. Dark, heavy materials such as velvet and antiques in warm wooden tones only add to the effect, for example, in the form of kidney-shaped tables and large cocktail armchairs. But what’s vintage without a little bit of gloss or shine? The best way to generate this is with gently shimmering brass or bronze ornaments.

As vintage style relies on originality rather than perfection, fingerprints and traces of age on decorative surfaces are not only allowed, but sometimes even desirable. Generally speaking, however, these can be quite easily removed if desired. Either use a special cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and buttermilk. An insider tip is toothpaste. Leave it a while to take effect, and in no time, matt spots can be polished up with a microfibre cloth. Wall motifs in harmonious sepia and bronze shades help to highlight the vintage charm of the 50s.

Posterlounge tip: Metal accents above all shine when combined with muted wall colours. Here, we particularly like dusky pink, dove grey or – if you prefer darker shades – deep blue, emerald green and intense violet. When decorating with elements of brass and bronze, remember to proceed sparingly and only try to catch the eye here and there, so that the end result isn’t overwhelming
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Interior design with nostalgic Scandinavian style

At first glance, mixing 50s chic and Scandi style may appear unusual, but furniture designers have long been fusing furniture looks from this era into their collections. Meanwhile, however, it’s now not just light woods such as spruce and maple that are being processed, but also warmer varieties such as oak and walnut. If surfaces remain untreated, they have a particularly natural effect and go perfectly with the undone look of brass and bronze.

Warm copper alloys are the ideal counterpart to otherwise cool, light designs with fronts that are typically painted pastel shades, giving the necessary warmth and resilience. With Scandinavian motifs on wood, Scandi chic can once again be incorporated into interior wall design, truly completing the look.

Posterlounge tip: When using metals, less is often more. That doesn’t mean that avoiding all other metals is a must, but mixing and matching similar materials is best. For example, accessories made of brass combine beautifully with pieces of furniture and decorative items made of matt copper and gold. The resulting effect is extremely harmonious, reminding us of years gone by.
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