Back to the roots

Back to the roots

How to create restful retreats in your home

The digital age is leaving more and more traces. While making daily life so much easier, the flood of digital media surrounding us may have a negative impact on our well-being at times. We’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, desperately longing for a calm space to rest. However, you can easily create a retreat in your own four walls. We’ll let you in on what you need and, even more importantly, what you should avoid in order to incorporate the new escapism trend in your home. Want to improve your quality of life? We’ll show you how!


Digital detox – no time for distractions

Escapism or the escape from reality is a well-known concept among digital natives. Our digital environment has a huge influence over our general state of health. Everything is in constant motion; nothing stands still in our modern world. And yet there is one thing we all yearn for: just a few moments of calm.

In so-called ‘digital detox camps’, restless people can find retreat, without any technological devices. Smartphones, televisions and laptops are strictly forbidden. The digital detoxification takes place on a completely analogue level. Although it’s rather difficult to transfer this concept to everyday life, you should carefully reflect your use of technology. That’s why the trend towards cosy sanctuaries without any entertainment electronics, creating a calm and safe space in an ever-changing world, is on the rise.

In the beginning, it may be quite nerve-wracking to be disconnected from the digital world, however, you will enjoy searching your mind and listening to your own thoughts all the more. And only then will you realise how much comfort it brings to write down your own ideas using pen and paper. Spending less time consuming and more time creating things yourself is not only helpful in private life but also helps you recharge your batteries for work.

Digital detox – no time for distractions Digital detox – no time for distractions Digital detox – no time for distractions Digital detox – no time for distractions
Digital detox – no time for distractions - room 1
Digital detox – no time for distractions - room 2
Did you know... The trend for digital detox comes from America: in tech-free camps, employees and private people are confronted with their own digital habits and learn a more conscious use of technological devices. The objective is for the participants to learn to appreciate the basics in life and to find a better balance between work and free time.
Digital detox – no time for distractions - products

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Interior design ideas for the tech-free zone

For a start, it may seem unrealistic to remove all technological devices from a room at once. Why not start small, for example, with a cosy reading corner or a retreat in the living room. A large bookcase filled with vintage books does not only look very sophisticated but also offers plenty of reading material to escape the hectic everyday life for a while. Of course, you will need a large armchair or even an elegant chaise longue in your reading corner, and a bright floor lamp is a must, too.

Interior design ideas for the tech-free zone - room 1
Interior design ideas for the tech-free zone - room 2

Banning all electronics and technological devices from the living room is a much bigger challenge. Shelves and storage solutions with doors, for example, are a great way to hide a 55-inch TV screen. If this is too much effort, you can easily add another focal point using wall art, which will create a great contrast with the big black screen. Wall pictures automatically attract all the attention and take the viewers on a journey to faraway places, making them dream and forget all stress.

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Analogue decorating has to be learnt

So how can you transfer this new lifestyle to your interior design concept? There are a few simple tricks to help you create a peaceful oasis in your home. An oversized sofa can add a high cosiness factor, and lots of pillows and woollen blankets bring a feeling of security to your living room, making it easy for you to turn off your smartphone, put on your favourite pyjamas and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea.

Analogue decorating has to be learnt Analogue decorating has to be learnt Analogue decorating has to be learnt

In general, you can focus on more basics in your home decor, because enjoying the simple things in life is one of the supporting pillars of escapism. Decorating accessories made of wood, e.g. oak or walnut, which provide a feeling of warmth are a great fit with this trend. For a return to nature, cork, brass or even plywood are the most suitable materials. In terms of colours, low-key variations are a perfect choice under appropriate lighting conditions.

Wall decor is essential. On the one hand, it takes the attention away from cords and technological devices; on the other hand, you can achieve a specific effect by choosing the right images. Pictures featuring calm motifs, little motion and little distraction work particularly well with a peaceful room design. In addition to beautiful wall pictures, you can put up a few plants. There is only one thing you should absolutely avoid: technology!

Analogue decorating has to be learnt - room 2
Analogue decorating has to be learnt - room 3
Analogue decorating has to be learnt - products

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