Desert Flair from the Sahara

Desert Flair from the Sahara

Sizzling style tips for summer decor

Slowly but surely the mercury is rising, notching up some record highs this summer. The smouldering allure of summer is captured by the must-have desert trend, infusing homes with warm hints of spice and a touch of oriental chic. We reveal the essential elements for conjuring up a stylish desert vibe. Discover how to create cool contrasts by adding a few key accessories for an inviting oasis. Read on to unlock the secrets of the Sahara trend.


Inspiration straight from the desert

Like a swirling sandstorm of countless differently coloured grains of sand, the new Sahara trend draws on an array of similarly warm colour nuances. Rich ochre and muted saffron are joined by terracotta, cinnamon and simple earth tones on walls and furnishings. Drawing on an earthy palette, this harmonious cornucopia of colours radiates intense warmth, creating a fantastically welcoming and meditative atmosphere that immediately puts you at ease.

To prevent the look from becoming monotonous, simply mix things up with a few powerful focal points. Prints inspired by nature, abstract compositions and colour gradients in shades of blue, green and brown underline the desert theme. Used on chair cushions, as wallpaper or wall art, they become instant eye-catchers. Exciting contrasts can also be created with desert plants – either in the form of real plants or featured in pictures. Natural materials such as rustic wood, stone and ceramics are perfect partners for the desert-inspired living trend.

Inspiration straight from the desert - Room 1 Inspiration straight from the desert - Room 1 Inspiration straight from the desert - Room 1 Inspiration straight from the desert - Room 1
Inspiration straight from the desert - Room 3
Inspiration straight from the desert - Room 4
Inspiration straight from the desert - Products

1. Wall picture 2. Ceramic vase 3. Cushion cover 4. Teak stool 5. Wall picture

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Kitchens out of Arabian Nights

With such an appetising blend of colours, the desert theme is perfect for decorating kitchens. Vibrant shades of spice on walls and furniture are ideal for the dining room, whisking away the senses to the exotic wonders of the orient. An untreated wooden tabletop looks fantastic with an earthy colour scheme and provides a striking contrast to the smooth and gleaming surfaces found in kitchens. Following the profusion of light-coloured woods in interiors, darker woods are now back in vogue.

Stone remains a popular decorating material. While last year the cool elegance of Carrara marble was printed on textiles and decor items, the trend has now shifted towards warmer varieties. Grey-beige silver travertine and mystically dark Onyx are now dominating kitchen worktops and flooring or are featured in decorative objects.

Kitchens out of Arabian Nights - Products

1. Wall picture 2. Bowl 3. Jute rug 4. Espresso cup 5. Wall picture

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Cool contrasts

With strategic splashes of cool colours, you can install an island of green in your desert setting. By keeping walls and furniture to simple muted earthy tones, effective contrasts can be created with plant prints and indigo wall art. Popular motifs include cactuses, palm trees and succulents. The element of water will also introduce a fresh and dynamic vibe to your interior design. Featured on wall pictures, it’s the perfect way to simulate a mini oasis.

The four creative minds behind WOHNKLAMOTTE – Josephine, Brygida, Aurelija and Kristina – induce a state of shopping euphoria among visitors to their website. They provide their readers with an endless supply of creative decorating ideas and ingenious DIY projects. From unusual recipes such as a cake-cream-crumble-shake to simple Ikea hacks and last-minute wedding gifts, they are never short of inspiration. And what better way to get that oasis vibe than with their sea-blue watercolour crockery which you can easily make yourself?

Brygida’s DIY watercolour project has all the essential elements, combining deep blue colour pigments evocative of wave patterns. These individual crockery designs are easy to achieve at home. The endless colour variations and patterns ensure that each piece will be a unique work of art. A little luck also plays a role when creating the stunning colour gradients.

Watercolor-DIY 1
Watercolor-DIY 2
Watercolor-DIY 3

To produce your own original crockery designs, all you need are some plain white plates or cups, one light and one dark porcelain paint, some water and a brush. Before applying any paint to the plate or cup, brush it all over with a little water first. You can then paint on the colour exactly where you want it or spread it around by swirling the plate. Place the painted cups or plates in the oven at 160 degrees for 30 minutes – done!

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