3 Design Ideas for your Living Room

3 Design Ideas for your Living Room

How to furnish and decorate your living room

Coming home after work, putting up one's feet comfortably on the sofa, relaxing with the family or having a fun gaming night with friends - living rooms are used as differently as they can be styled. Browse through three popular living styles and let us inspire you with our design ideas!

The Modern Living Room

The Modern Living Room

Grey is boring? It's not!
As one of the trend colours in 2015, grey and its nuances add elegance, cosiness, and calmness to your living space. Matching colours like white, green, turquoise, yellow, marsala and violet shine vividly when combined with grey. A softer look is obtained by home accessories in pastel colours. Decor elements made from wood or different fabrics create a quiet and warm atmosphere - even more when having a plain form.

“Combine grey with no more than two additional colours in order to keep the harmonious effect. Matching wall pictures round off the look beautifully.”
The Modern Living Room - Products

1. Art print "Tiefgründig 8" www.posterlounge.co.uk 2. Set Vases www.snug-online.com 3. Lampshade Duo www.furnlab.de 4. Wall clock "Color Circle" www.boconcept.com 5. Art print "Mystified Dreams" www.posterlounge.co.uk 6. Alpina Colour "Kieselstran" www.alpina-farben.de 7. Art print "Black Square" www.posterlounge.co.uk 8. Cushion cover www.hm.com 9. Sofa "Mali" www.fashionforhome.de

Discover more motifs for the Modern Style

Dark Mountains
from £ 13.90  
great escape
from £ 9.90  
Vague VII
from £ 7.90  
Composition dans un cercle
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Abstract geometric
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The Shabby Chic Living Room

The Shabby Chic Living Room

Grandmother's furniture is back and in tune with the current trend! The decor, home accessories, and patterns from long past times are making a comeback in many living rooms. Scratches in wood, chipped colours, a worn look, and handmade items - these are highly wanted. Especially in tender pastel shades, their special charm unfolds. To be combined with shimmering accessories made from crystal and metal.

“Pastel and flowery prints on wall pictures, wall papers and fabrics complete the Shabby Chic Style most wonderfully.”
The Shabby Chic Living Room - Products

1. Art print "flamingo 2" www.posterlounge.co.uk 2. Chandelier "LUXURY LUX" www.butlers.de 3. Art print "still life with roses" www.posterlounge.co.uk 4. Teapot "Miss Étoile" www.nostalgieimkinderzimmer.de 5. Storage boxes www.presenttime.com 6. Cherry Blossom Arrangement www.houseoffraser.co.uk 7. Art print "Faded roses" www.posterlounge.co.uk 8. Cushion cover "Audrey" www.nostalgieimkinderzimmer.de 9. Commode www.impressionen.de

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weekend shopping
carpe diem
Flying Umbrella

The Retro Look Living Room

The Retro Look Living Room

Those who like it colourful and nostalgic, will feel perfectly at ease in the retro living room. The newly interpreted interior design highlights from the 50s to the 70s bring the pure joy of living into the heart of your home. The popular kidney-shaped table is paired with the cosy lounge chair. Expressive colours and organic, lively forms are like feel-good candy - like this, living is great fun!

“Graphic patterns and geometric forms are a must for the retro look! Whether on the wall, on the floor, or as home accessories.”
The Retro Look Living Room - Products

1. Art print "Retro Dots Fresh Coffee" www.posterlounge.co.uk 2. Cushion www.orlakiely.com 3. Pendant Lamp "CYBER SMOKED" www.maisonsdumonde.com 4. Art print "Your 20s to 60s Girl" www.posterlounge.co.uk 5. Tables "FJORD" www.maisonsdumonde.com 6. Easy Chair www.nierentisch-cocktailsessel.de 7. Wardrobe "Garderobe" www.connox.de 8. Wooden Radio "Magn" www.connox.de 9. Art print "grandfather computer" www.posterlounge.co.uk

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Italy - Riva Torbole
Lady Funk
Soul Sister

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