Elisabeth Fredriksson – ‘She believed she could, so she did’

Whatever Elisabeth starts, she finishes. The Swedish artist never falters and has chased her dreams since childhood with the greatest passion. She creates a warm feeling in the heart – and on the walls, thanks to her lovely crafted digital collages. Colour experiments, style swaps and a big dose of courage – our artist can’t be stopped!

Porttrait – Elisabeth Fredriksson Porttrait – Elisabeth Fredriksson Porttrait – Elisabeth Fredriksson
Art always played a vital role in Elisabeth’s life. As a child, she grew up with her mother’s oil paintings on the walls around her. This creative environment influenced her strongly and was always the source of new artistic inspiration. At ten years of age, the Swede finally began to draw and paint herself, something she continues to this date. As soon as Elisabeth picks up a pen, time and space vanish. She would only put aside her painting materials if her mother called her to the table. At 15, Elisabeth discovered photography through her father, learning how to edit images with Adobe Photoshop. She attended art school to familiarise herself with other media, where she finally lost her heart to graphic art.

Four years have now passed since Elisabeth launched her career as an artist and turned her passion into a job – a bold step that not many other young talents dare to take. But all the courage and daring paid off, because her designs have a distinctive character and a high degree of recognition. Elisabeth leaves no stone unturned in prompting a reaction from her observers, through her abstract yet figurative images. Her humorous, motivating typographies speak to her fans’ souls, and are always warmly received. The Swedish artist takes her own path, unperturbed – and that’s been the case ever since early childhood. She’s been experimenting with colours and forms since then, expressing her love of nature. Elisabeth does all this, through the most beautiful form of expression that there is: art.
„The best advice I’ve gotten is that if you want something, go for it and don’t sit around and wait for things to happen.“

Back to her roots

Playing with shapes and shades is one of the distinctive features of Elisabeth’s work. Sometimes she crafts abstract landscapes from geometric components, sometimes she creates interesting cross-hatching, transforms foxes and rabbits into cute motifs for children or completes her range with inspiring phrases. But she is almost always inspired by the diversity of nature and the Nordic charm of her home. When walking through the woods, she isn’t just fascinated by the varying appearance of plants and animals. Rather, it is much more a certain feeling of having come home, which she transmits through her work.
Paradoxical as it may sound, the diverse nature of Elisabeth’s work is rooted in the very simple image elements she employs, such as circles, points, triangles and straight lines. The fragmentation and rearrangement of these results in endless possibilities that Elisabeth skilfully puts to use. In her digital collages, she combines clear structures with experimental colour gradients and thanks to a recurring colour palette, a theme can be clearly recognised in her portfolio. Elisabeth’s timeless motifs immediately prompt a smile, motivate or make one think. She always triggers something in an observer, whether that’s because her work carries a feeling or provokes thought. At the end of the day, that is what constitutes a talented artist and what differentiates Elisabeth from the many others out there.

Glamorous metallic chic

Drawing and creating designs is much more for Elisabeth than just a job. She can focus on one design for hours at a time, while everything around her fades into the background. She forgets her troubles and stresses, entering an almost meditative state. Elisabeth often begins with one or more small drawings and edits multiple projects at the same time so that she can switch back and forth between them at will. It can take several hours – even up to a month – for one piece to be finished.

In addition to the use of water colours, Elisabeth also turns to her preferred tool, Adobe Photoshop, to digitally generate and edit her images. At the start of her career, she frequently came up with compositions inspired by the Scandi trend, featuring geometric shapes. But more recently, our artist has been increasingly working with gold and copper-coloured elements, which lends her designs an understated elegance and a very modern character.

For Elisabeth, being creative doesn’t just mean creating art. For her, a philosophy is hidden behind this, which extends to all areas of life. From creative thinking, to an open-minded attitude to life, to imaginative approaches for finding solutions.
„Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try other things. It’s always good to learn something new.“

The elixir for creativity

As a huge coffee lover, no working day truly begins for Elisabeth without an aromatic hot drink. Of course, this is also reflected in many of her images. But not placing her coffee right next to the water for paintbrushes? She had to learn that the hard way. Once supplied with coffee, Elisabeth usually starts her day with a few sketches, fixing her ideas on paper. Then she mostly takes a break before continuing to create the image.
This is how Elisabeth spends almost the whole day; designing her art. Due to her love for graphic design, our artist doesn’t need an office. Instead, she works from the comfort of her own home. Unfortunately, she can never completely switch off from work when at home, but at least it means she can get her ideas down at any time. She certainly never gets bored and has her cat Lux to thank for many funny moments.

Last but not least

Pink Sky Pink Sky Pink Sky
Don’t fear failure – that is one of the most valuable lessons that Elisabeth has learned during her art career. As her confidence in herself and her art has shown, one failure isn’t the end of the world. On the contrary. It is only thanks to these experiences that she has been able to indulge her passion for experimenting and that she is able to surprise her fans with ever new creations.

It is Elisabeth’s very own ‘now or never’ mindset that captivates in her images and acts to inspire and motivate others. Correspondingly, the style of our artist has changed in recent years, and as a result, she doesn’t only capture the spirit of the times, but hits the spot for her fans, every time. Elisabeth is living out her dream with her whole heart and soul. And her work reflects just that.

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