Ethnic chic meets tribal style

Ethnic chic meets tribal style

The eclectic style mix for globetrotters

World travellers will love this look! Featuring a cornucopia of influences, the ethnic and tribal trends both surprise and delight with art objects from different cultures, strong colours and feminist leaders – most prominently Mexican art icon Frida Kahlo. We reveal how to incorporate this intoxicating cocktail into your interior design and why this new living style will especially resonate with women.


“Strong is the new pretty” – interiors that make a statement

As Victoria Redshaw astutely predicted at the beginning of 2017: “Strong is the new pretty!” Given her renown as the founder of Scarlet Opus, the popular design blog and trend forecasting company, Redshaw most definitely knows what she is talking about. The new tribal trend has been creating a buzz on the international scene for a while now. Having made a powerful appearance at design fairs, it is moving directly into our living rooms, bringing a refreshing splash of colour to our uniformly minimalistic grey walls.
Born out of a sociological phenomenon, this individualistic living trend primarily addresses women. Bold, striking colours symbolise the increased international presence of women at the social and political level.

After years of fighting for equality, this decorating trend gives women the chance to use interior design to express the position they have attained in society. Conservative role models are gradually dying out and the focus is shifting towards strong female role models, many of which can be found in art. Wall pictures and portraits of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and the artists Tamara de Lempicka and Käthe Kollwitz are ideal for introducing the current zeitgeist into interiors.

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The Tank
Grace in blue and yellow

Satisfying a desire for the exotic – décor from around the globe

Shunning the idea of a perfectionist show home, the tribal trend uses colours and shapes to create a meaningful living concept. Daring colours and dynamic designs form the basis of the style. A harmonious look is essential, but should not be confused with a reserved attitude. As always, ever-versatile bases of white, grey or black provide the perfect foundation, setting the stage for vibrant colours.

High-energy shades of blue, self-confident hues of green and long-banished pink are experiencing a comeback on cushion covers, tablecloths and smaller items of furniture. Graphic patterns make a welcome appearance together with ethnic influences, from which the tribal trend gets its name. By incorporating macramé elements, animal prints on water-resistant wall pictures and coloured glass, the trend can be easily transferred to patios or balconies and is also ideal for living rooms.

To pick up on the ethnic elements, try introducing indigenous woodcarvings or sculptures made from natural materials into your interior design.

Satisfying a desire for the exotic – décor from around the globe - Products

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Ancient Buddha
Rose Crab
The sun peeps out

Strong women, strong wall art

In a world dominated by men, only a handful of women have achieved respect and renown with their art. Frida Kahlo is one of the few. Despite enduring crisis after crisis in her life, she mastered the path to success and became an international symbol of independence. Motifs of powerful women are a great way to combine ethnic elements from the tribal trend with evocative wall art, making Kahlo the perfect ambassador for this new interior design concept.

Rina not only has international roots, she also has the open-minded attitude of an explorer. She loves to discover new things on her many travels and shares them with her readers. On she regularly blogs about food, fashion, travel and her daily sources of inspiration.
Rina is especially taken with the topic of “women in art” at the moment – and by one artist in particular. It’s therefore no surprise that Rina selected a Frida Kahlo portrait from our shop to adorn her walls.
Strong women, strong wall art - Blogger - 1
Strong women, strong wall art - Blogger - 2

“The main reason I chose this motif is because it depicts a strong female figure. I’m also a big fan of floral elements and love the strong colours and the bold and simple style of painting. I ordered the picture on a canvas to create an even more high-quality look. The warm red tones and the flowers stimulate the appetite and are therefore perfect for the dining room. The picture needs plenty of space for maximum impact; the rest of the decor should reflect the colours here and there – particularly the red – but should otherwise be relatively muted to prevent the room from looking crowded.”

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Frida Kahlo Pop Art
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This entry was posted on 1st May 2017.

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