Fascinating Photography

Fascinating Photography

Discover breathtaking photos that will make your home unique

Skylines or detail shots, lively nature motifs or minimalist photos of architecture, brilliant colours or classic black and white: there are no limits to creativity when it comes to fine-art photography. Our photographers are constantly exploring new ways to create exceptional images. Discover some of the most extraordinary photographs, which are sure to create a unique style in your home.


1. High-Speed Photography

This technique allows to capture split-second movements. High-speed photography works especially well with liquids in motion, resulting in powerful, fresh compositions.


2. Infrared Photography

Pictures from another world: grass and leaves appear almost white in these mystical wildlife and landscape photos. The long-wave infrared light is captured using special filters.


3. Time-Exposure Photography

Long exposures can turn the moving elements of images into a blur while keeping the rest of the scene sharp. This technique is often used to shoot cityscapes at night or seascapes for example.


4. Macro Photography

Blossoms, water droplets or tiny creatures make great close-up subjects. In these macro pictures, you can distinguish details which are usually invisible to the naked eye.


5. Micrographs

Under the microscope: micrographs of plants and other organisms provide an insight into a mysterious universe and will definitely add an exotic touch to your home.


6. X-Ray Photography

Discover the inner beauty: these fascinating X-ray images – some appear very detailed, some quite delicate – reveal what is normally hidden, creating an almost supernatural atmosphere.

This entry was posted on 6 May 2016.

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