Feeling Hygge at Home

Feeling Hygge at Home

The feel-good living trend from the North

When the temperatures drop outside and the days get shorter, there’s nothing we love more than getting cosy, wrapped in blankets on the couch. We cuddle up in a mountain of pillows with the people we love, light candles and make it ‘hyggelig’. But what does ‘hygge’ actually mean? And why is it such a big deal for interior decorators? We share the secret of the hygge home trend and take a very close look over the Danes’ shoulders.


Danish cosiness

Hygge is far more than just a home and living trend – it is an attitude to life. Originally from Denmark, the hygge philosophy is now making its way into our living rooms, too. The expression ‘hygge’ is hard to translate, roughly meaning ‘cosiness’. Yet at the same time, it refers to savouring relaxed evenings with your friends and family, spending hours chatting at the kitchen table over coffee and pastries or whiling away the hours playing board games in front of the fire.

Hygge is a guide to happiness, a formula for that feeling of security. Winter time is when it becomes more important than ever to create cosy, warm spaces to retreat and to listen to your innermost needs. Small wonder that hygge has dominated interior design for a long time now. The right images for your living room and atmospheric motifs of nature make things cosy all round, even when it comes to wall design.

Danish cosiness - Room 2
Danish cosiness - Room 3
Danish cosiness - Products

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How to hygge? – Living like the Danes

Sweden’s most famous furniture store once asked: ‘Have you made your house a home yet?’ And hygge is not a living trend that we can simply pass by. A hygge home is full of life, of spaces inviting you to sit, simply because hospitality is the be-all and end-all in Danish etiquette. So, what’s their secret? Large, comfy sofas with cushions and blankets invite friends and family to stay and while away the hours. Plush rugs and sleek hides on the floor serve as additional seating if there are suddenly more guests than expected.

The kitchen and dining room is another spot to spend time together. A large round table or perhaps a long one is an essential here. A collection of various chairs makes the seating arrangement a little less formal. In the spirit of the coveted Scandi home style, natural materials and warm wooden floors can easily achieve that Nordic flair, while also having the advantage of not cooling the room. Designs with a Scandi look and graphic motifs go perfectly with this style. Meanwhile, dimmed or indirect light, tea lights and candles create an atmospheric ambience.

How to hygge? – Living like the Danes - Room 1
How to hygge? – Living like the Danes - Room 3
How to hygge? – Living like the Danes - Products

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Attention to detail

When it comes to the colour of the walls and furniture, it is down to you to choose how to create your personal, feel-good oasis. Naturally it is important to feel at home in your own four walls. Some prefer light shades of sand, others lean toward powerful red, fir green or blue sea. Add the right pictures for your walls to bring the Nordic trend and Danish way of life into your own home, making you crave cosy evenings with open sandwiches and Danish mulled wine.

The hygge living trend finds happiness in the small things, because a lovingly styled home helps you to recharge your batteries, ready to tackle the daily routine once again. That’s why this autumn, you should gather your favourite people around you, put your feet up and relax together in a homely setting.

Attention to detail - Products

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