Fernando Ojea – Surfing on the waves of trends

Fernando Ojea – Surfing on the waves of trends

Just like a surfer rides the waves, Fernando rides the trends, one after another. His remarkable sense for what is currently in fashion has never let him down. As a gifted trend surfer, Fernando is never afraid to try something new and loves to play with technology and thematic ideas. The one thing that remains constant is his style, as the Spanish artist can always rely on his instinct.

Portrait – Fernando Ojea Portrait – Fernando Ojea Portrait – Fernando Ojea
Most people will know the tale of the two mice that fall into a bowl of cream. While one mouse soon gives up and drowns, the other kicks and thrashes around for so long that the cream whips into butter and the mouse can finally climb out. Without a doubt, that second mouse perfectly symbolises the star in our artist story, Fernando Ojea.

Fernando is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Barcelona and a true expert in his field. During his years of working in graphic design studios and advertising agencies, our featured artist absorbed knowledge like a sponge and now applies it directly in his art. Fernando enthusiastically incorporates his passion for popular culture into his creations, drawing on elements of film, TV, video games, pop art and comics.

The days when Fernando used to design posters for low-budget horror films to keep himself above water are long gone. Thanks to his penchant for urban artists and street art together with a near-clairvoyant ability to predict and create trends, his striking illustrations are destined to become everyone’s absolute favourites. His portfolio is so diverse that he has no less than three separate artist accounts in our online shop: Golden Planet Prints, 2ToastDesign and Nory Glory Prints. What's behind it all? We asked the man himself!
"Create art with the rhythm of your heart."

Golden Planet Prints: Alternative fan art for film buffs and TV junkies

Operating under the pseudonym of Golden Planet Prints, Fernando Ojea's designs make the heart of every fan beat faster. His portfolio comprises alternative posters for unforgotten classics like Psycho or Pulp Fiction and popular children's films like Peter Pan or Jungle Book along with legendary film series such as Harry Potter and Star Wars.
But how does Fernando continuously strike the right chord for his customers? The answer is by placing himself in their shoes and creating art that expresses how fans feel. His ideas often come to him spontaneously, which is why he carries a sketchpad with him at all times. In it he captures all of the graphic details and subtleties which spring into his imagination before and during the creative processes.

Fernando largely takes his inspiration from the latest trends in pop and street art. Although there are some thematic similarities, many of the motifs in his Golden Planet Prints account are stylistically very diverse. Effortlessly switching between styles – from a vintage vibe to watercolours or minimalistic illustration – Fernando Ojea is clearly a talented all-rounder.

2ToastDesign: An eldorado for superhero fans

Over the course of his career, Fernando has never shied away from trying out new stylistic elements and has taken advantage of the creative potential offered by digital art. Nevertheless, he feels it is important to maintain his analogue signature and continues to incorporate this into his digital works. This is reflected in his second artist account, 2ToastDesign, where elements of graffiti appear alongside illustrated components.

Just like Golden Planet Prints, his artist profile 2ToastDesign is inspired by film, TV, comics and the music scene. Here, Fernando dares to make his own interpretations of timeless blockbusters like Notting Hill, cult series such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, and all manner of superhero sagas like Wolverine, Captain America and his childhood hero, Superman. In short, Fernando has created a true paradise for comic fans.
"Being creative means making someone stop and notice your work."

Nory Glory Prints: Wall prints with that feel-good factor

Fernando has long since proven he is a master of fan art. What he has also mastered is the ability to recognise trends in fashion, lifestyle culture or advertising and to turn them into something completely new and unique. This is precisely what he has achieved in his artist profile Nory Glory Prints, offering a colourful mix of cheerfully extroverted feel-good art.

From motivating typographies to trendy retro motifs and timeless art, there is something for everyone. Of course, the collection would not be complete without cult pineapple images, original city maps and inspiring quotations.

Last but not least

Fernando Ojea recognises trends even with his eyes closed. In his heart he is an artist, but he also happens to be a real marketing genius. In addition to online platforms where Fernando reaches a wide-ranging international audience, he taps into local comic events and cinema festivals to present his motifs. It is no surprise that his daily business involves keeping his portfolio up to date with new prints.

However, Fernando not only strives to reach customers with his extraordinary repertoire, he wants to connect with other creative designers as well. He hopes his motifs will inspire fellow artists and provide impetus for their own projects. So what does the trendsetter Fernando Ojea have in store for us in the future? We do not know for sure, but this is definitely an artist who will never be short of ideas.

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