French Interior Design Ideas

French Interior Design Ideas

Parisian Chic, French Country and Decorating Ideas for EURO 2016

Vive la France! Apart from haute cuisine and haute couture, our neighbours from across the Channel are famous for one thing in particular: their excellent sense of interior design. Discover our French-inspired decorating ideas, including elegant Parisian savoir vivre and charming country-style decor. Also, blogger Katie takes us on a tour of her beautiful French country home. Last but not least, we have collected a few interior design and wall art ideas to help you create stadium atmosphere in your home for this year’s football rendezvous.


Paris, Mon Amour: Modern French Interiors

Paris is without a doubt the capital of style and elegance – a place where classic chic meets modern nonchalance. Haussmann-style apartments with high ceilings, stunning parquet floors, double doors and exquisite plasterwork are typical of the City of Light. Bright, neutral colours provide a perfect setting for velvet and silk, baroque armchairs and sumptuous accessories such as chandeliers or golden vases.

If you would like to introduce a contemporary twist, mix it up! A few antique items can be teamed with modern, minimalist furnishings as well as fabrics with bold patterns. Don’t hesitate to use colourful accents! To give your arrangement that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, decorate with fresh flower bouquets and some statement wall art: large Pop Art prints or abstract paintings make great eye-catchers on otherwise white walls.

Paris, mon amour Paris, mon amour
Paris, mon amour - Room 1
Paris, mon amour - Room 2
Did you know ... ... that the characteristic Parisian white is more of a warm cream shade? The Wall Street Journal provides tips for the perfect wall paint (and where to find it), including the author’s personal experiences.
Paris, mon amour - Products

1. Image 2. Bowl 3. Mirror ‘Céleste’ 4. Chandelier ‘Isabeau’ 5. Cushion Cover ‘Silk’ 6. Image

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Paris – up to the sky and back
Paris Views
Paris – Montmartre
Paris Map

The French Country Style

The French Country Style The French Country Style

Big cities are not for you? So why not escape the bustle of everyday life and turn your home into a cosy cottage! The warm French country style is all about rustic wooden furnishings with a certain vintage charm, teamed with soft colours such as beige, light brown or pastel shades. Even nautical pieces fit in perfectly in case you prefer the coastal style.

Let nature in and decorate your home with herbs, dried flowers or floral prints. Romantic Shabby Chic wall art adds to the timeless country look and, of course, landscape pictures are always a good idea. As you know, France is home to the Impressionists, who sought to capture the most beautiful regions of ‘the Hexagon’ in their atmospheric paintings.

The French Country Style - Room 1
The French Country Style - Room 3
The French Country Style - Products

1. Image 2. Tealight Holder ‘LACE’ 3. Table Lamp ‘Chloé’ by Port Maine 4. Clock ‘Café de Paris’ 5. Pouf ‘Stockholm’ by Mørteens 6. Image

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Percy le pug
The White Rose And The Red Rose
Collier's cover in 1909
Provenzalische Auswahl

Katie’s Tips for Creating a Rustic French Country Home

Originally from the UK, blogger Katie enjoys life with her family and a fluffy dog in the peaceful South West of France, in a beautiful village where everybody knows her name. On her blog Love French Style, Katie shares her passion for the country and its people – and especially for the French lifestyle, including effortlessly elegant fashion (with lots of stripes) as well as recipes for Tarte Tatin and other French classics. One of Katie’s favourite things about the beautiful country is French interior design. Simple and cosy with a touch of French chic, that’s how she likes her own ‘chez soi’. Take a look around!

‘French style can be opulent, elegant and rich but the country version is laid back and cosy. If you want to recreate the look in your own home, look for items that echo the French style. I love ornate details on French furnishings, curved legs, door pediments and oversized mirrors. The trend for muted grey and white colour schemes are a perfect first step towards the French look. I always think that beautiful lived-in aged look works so well in a country home and there should be plenty of cheeky ooh la la alongside elegant romance. My tip for creating an authentic French country look would be to avoid anything too gimmicky like faux antiques but concentrate on aspiring to a few quality items and stylish wall art to show off your sense of style. Landscapes, botanics and period scenes all work brilliantly to create a sense of authentic shabby chic.

I would always try to use natural materials like wood, terracotta, glass or marble. For me, French rustic country style is about reflecting the great outdoors beautifully within your home in a way that all the family can live comfortably and be themselves in.’

Katie’s Tips for Creating a Rustic French Country Home Katie’s Tips for Creating a Rustic French Country Home Katie’s Tips for Creating a Rustic French Country Home Katie’s Tips for Creating a Rustic French Country Home
Katie’s Tips for Creating a Rustic French Country Home - Room 1
Katie’s Tips for Creating a Rustic French Country Home - Room 2

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Etretat: Le Manneport
Provence romantique
Lavender field in Provence
Rue Française

Football’s Coming Home!

Football’s Coming Home! Football’s Coming Home! Football’s Coming Home! Football’s Coming Home!

This summer, the eyes of the football world will be on France again: EURO 2016 is coming! Get ready for exciting hours in front of the screen and ecstatic celebrations following the final whistle. Funny football-inspired accessories help you create an authentic stadium atmosphere in your home. For example, upcycling lamps made out of old footballs make great accents, not only during the European Championship. When it comes to wall decoration, you can choose among several options such as classic football posters featuring your favourite players, minimalist illustrations or historical photographs in black and white.

Comfortable and practical seats are a must for a private viewing with your friends – even if no one stays seated during the most exciting football thrillers. DIY crate seats make perfect accessories for football fans and can be used as side tables for placing drinks and snacks. The stylish Lemonaid seats are also available online. Have a colourful football summer!

Photo: Oliver Lichtblau

Football’s Coming Home! - Products

1. Image 2. Ball Seat ‘Playtime’ 3. Carpet ‘football field’ 4. Upcycling Lamp 5. Image

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Corner on the football field
Soccer Poster

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