Interior Trends 2016

Living Trends 2016

These are the latest interior design trends

After the more plain and discreet living trends of 2015, colourful accents now return to our four walls. Modular, spreading seating ensembles, which adapt to any need and situation, as well as soft forms and edges create a cosy atmosphere – together with an open interior design that uses natural materials. What else do the living trends of 2016 offer? Get to know the following four interior styles.


Metallic Chic – The glamorous living trend

Metallic Chic Metallic Chic

Decorative objects made of copper were popular interior accessories in 2015 already. In 2016, the metallic palette will be expanded. A touch of Hollywood glamour enters in the form of gold and brass accents. Combined with black, the shine can unfold its splendour. Paint manufacturers chose these nuances to be trend colours in 2016. Furniture and home accessories made of velvet and suede set sensual highlights.

If you prefer to avoid strong contrasts, soften your metallic look with sand and beige colour shades. Yellow is said to be the colour for accents in 2016 - it matches well with the metallic interior style. Wall pictures of old masters like Gustav Klimt are perfect for this trend and a great decorative highlight, as they contain the metallic trend colours. A warm lighting elegantly completes the Metallic Chic and establishes even more cosiness.

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Oriental Flair – The exotic living trend

Living as in One Thousand and One Nights? Your next journey to the Orient is not far away. Namely in 2016, this living trend provides the necessary accents to experience the magnificent world of the Near East. Even little accessories with lavish ornaments, geometric patterns, glass mosaics, and velvety silk and organza fabrics in vivid colours make your home an oasis in period style.

Oriental Flair - Room 1
Oriental Flair - Room 2
Oriental Flair - Room 3

Decorative objects made of precious metal are a must with regards to this interior style. Gold, silver, and brass add elegant highlights. The typical lamps and lanterns with their pretty ornamentation spread an atmospheric light and oriental charm.

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Botanical Naturalness – The sustained living trend

The house plant has made a great comeback! Not only does it make your home cosier, it also strengthens your health and refreshes your room when printed on cushions, wallpapers, and wall pictures. Very trendy are easy-care succulents, cacti, and monstera. Furniture and accessories made of natural materials like wood, cork, wool, and stone complete the botany living trend and meet the sustainability trend. We love green living!

Botanische Natürlichkeit Botanische Natürlichkeit
Botanical Naturalness - Room 1
Botanical Naturalness - Room 3
Botanical Naturalness - Products

1. Basket 2. Cushion 3. Re-Turned 4. Image 5. Candle 6. Image

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Style Mix – The diverse living trend

2016 is the year for wild mixing! Combining different interior styles is not a no-go, it is a must. Individuality is the focus in 2016 and anything goes. Popular combinations are for example the minimalist modernity with retro elements, Scandinavian influences with vintage or shabby chic home accessories, or classic plus pop art elements.

Style Mix - Room 1
Style Mix - Room 2
Style Mix - Room 3

Modern living areas with a plain design agree with striking decorative objects like huge vases or flower boxes, opulent carpets and oversize paintings in strong colours and from different epochs.

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DIY Interior Trend Tips 2016

Furniture made of pallets

One of the inside tips of the interior design bloggers in 2015 has been furniture made of pallets. This upcycling idea continues to be popular. In no time and with little material input, the low-cost transport objects can be used to create individual tables, seatings, and many more. Wooden wine boxes are perfect as well for these do-it-yourself works.

Furniture made of pallets
Decoration with the knit look

Decoration with the knit look

Knit is neat! Living areas are newly designed in the stitch look. Lampshades, chair covers, cushions, blankets, pouffes, candle-holders, and flowerpots can be enhanced with a decorative knit-casing. This provides a touch of cosiness in your home in the cold season. Be it handmade or purchased online - knitted decoration makes your home as trendy as it can be.

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