Jan Becke – Tracking down a Globetrotter

Jan Becke – Tracking down a Globetrotter

As a travel photographer, Jan Becke has seen the best sights this planet has to offer, on a daily basis. His photographs arouse our desire to travel, letting us see the world through his eyes. We’d be happy to be drawn into the distance any time. But for now, we’ll have to be content with losing ourselves in his breathtaking images.

Jan Becke Jan Becke Jan Becke
Being a company employee for ever after? For Jan Becke, it didn’t even come into question. He caught the photography bug during his travels to East Asia and since then it has never vanished. Soon the young photographer was making his way around the world, with his curiosity and open manner with people bringing him to where he is today. Working as a photographer has enabled Jan to finally make a sought-after dream a reality. Every day is fulfilling, inspiring his creativity day after day.

Motivated by the possibilities that a career as a freelance photographer had to offer, Jan Becke began to travel during his degree in business administration. He even lived in Japan for a while, where many of his images were shot. The country has captured his imagination ever since. But Jan tells us studying business administration gave him a certain degree of confidence to take the next step to become his own boss, making his artistic ambitions a reality.

Jan has never regretted his decision to become a travel photographer and would take it again in a flash. To Jan, his constantly changing surroundings represent a challenge. He must adapt quickly to new scenarios, which not only strengthens character but also fosters his own creativity. As a result, he advises young landscape and travel photographers in the making to spend a lot of time out in the wilderness and to begin by investing in travel, rather than in unnecessarily expensive equipment.
“Each trip is an adventure all of its own and photography gives me the chance to create something lasting.”

Images guaranteed to inspire insatiable wanderlust

Not many people have the good fortune to travel to the most beautiful places in the world and to be able to preserve these memories and feelings for ever. But as a photographer, this is Jan Becke’s day job. And although his shots have had a lot of commercial success, his portfolio is still far from postcard material. Whether it’s a view over a lonely, light-flooded forest glade, a bird’s-eye view of the Japanese metropolis Tokyo, Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise or images of Germany, his home country, Jan knows just how to give his photographs that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. His panoramic formats cast a spell on observers, drawing them in before they even realise, giving the artist’s photography the chance to express much more than the conventional.
However, it’s not just when it comes to nature and architecture that Jan Becke excels. These days, he’s gathering experience snapping locals, depicting traditional costumes country by country. By doing so, he transports others to foreign climes and reveals the cultural diversity which makes different parts of the world so unique. In this way, he addresses a broad range of art enthusiasts, drawing a contrast between a world which never stops chasing progress, full of skyscrapers, and places that hark back to the originality and simplicity of bygone days with folkloric art and sacred buildings.

Fortuity, fantastic skills and a little bit of fate…

Everyday life as a professional landscape and travel photographer may above all appear romantic, exciting and spontaneous – which it undoubtedly is – but the organisation required and the time it takes to post-process images is frequently underestimated by those without photographic expertise. Indeed, Jan Becke’s day-to-day business doesn’t just consist of planning travel, exploring suitable locations and the photography itself, but also editing images, accounting and developing his photographic skills. Jan tells us that he rarely manages to take pictures during the planning phase.
But if he is in the right place at the right time, such as during the cherry blossom season in Japan, he often shoots from sunrise to sunset.

Leaving the hotel at four in the morning is now commonplace for our artist. This is the only way to get the right light for his images and be rewarded with an emotionally charged shot. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan and the weeks of planning are sometimes in vain. If weather conditions suddenly change, Jan often has an alternative solution in mind.

Of course, Jan uses more than one camera for his range of images. He mostly shoots with the Sony α7R II. Jan currently avoids filters and only post-processes images on a PC using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. 3D modelling and rendering are further areas that our artist wants to explore, as he envisages a future for fusions between photography and computer-generated graphics.
“I work in a much more focused way now than when I first started. These days, I often simply don’t go out to shoot without a specific plan.”

A reluctant adrenaline junkie

Jan Becke truly values the flexibility of his profession as a photographer. Being able to constantly travel to new places is a luxury not afforded to many. His travels have taken him to famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty in New York or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as well as to very remote locations… Along with some tricky situations that took a lot of nerve, such as diving with sharks on the coastline of Bora Bora and being followed by mountain goats across remote peaks for an hour. Our artist doesn’t shy away from seeking a thrill and can’t imagine having any other job.
In contrast to a commissioned photographer, Jan can select his own images, allowing him to call the most beautiful places in the world his office. Exploring a new country and documenting its individuality through photography is always a highlight for our artist. Nevertheless, he is particularly proud when others take pleasure in his images and hang huge prints of them on their walls at home.
“For me, creativity means freedom. The freedom to make my own decisions and not be tied to any demands.”

Last but not least

Jan Becke - creativity means freedom Jan Becke - creativity means freedom Jan Becke - creativity means freedom
Jan Becke’s success is no coincidence. The young photographer didn’t let naysayers distract him and, right from the start, worked towards his objective of finding a job that he could do with passion. He’s achieved just that with photography. Now the globetrotter hops from one continent to the next. It is rare to find him without his camera. He is usually on the search for a new, breathtaking image to add to his portfolio.

Jan Becke’s photographs are not just a way of decorating your walls. They convey a very special feeling that is immediately transmitted to the viewer, thanks to their colour and composition. We have added many of his spectacularly stunning images to the range in our shop – available now to hang on your walls!

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