Jazzberry Blue – the galactically creative exceptional talent

Jazzberry Blue – the galactically creative exceptional talent

Jazzberry Blue is an artist by day and superhero by night. His illustrations of maps are his characteristic superhero feature, while reality is his kryptonite. We accompanied him on his artistic expeditions and we took risks just to be able to show you the world in its loud colours from above. Now you can also get these fascinating views as art prints in our shop.

Jazzberry Blue Jazzberry Blue Jazzberry Blue
Canada can be proud! Not only have the notable musicians Neil Young and Céline Dion as well as Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi come from there, but also the star of our artists’ story: Jazzberry Blue. We were surprised to learn that Jazz lives very modestly in a small apartment in Toronto. His housemate is a dog that he brought home from a trip in India and that has become a fluffy pal for him.

He came to India after he had discontinued his studies in order to explore the world. Impressed by the colours and patterns of this country foreign to him, without further ado he stayed there for a few years. He sold his pictures to tourists in order to finance his livelihood. The relaxed, peaceful life in India left an influence on him and influenced his personality as well as his art.

Jazzberry Blue is a real self-made artist. He acquired his skills in digital illustration himself through YouTube tutorials. He is rarely present in the media. Hardly any photos of him exist, which makes him even more interesting for his fans. Jazz reminds us of a superhero whose true identity remains hidden behind a pseudonym. Armed with a pencil and palette, he makes us forget the grey everyday life and makes the world a little bit nicer day after day.

We had great luck and got to see the face that is hidden behind the mask of Jazzberry Blue. Naturally we would definitely like to share what we found interesting with you here!

Geography, mathematics and a bit of colour

If we think about Jazzberry Blue, his loud, abstract maps of well-known world cities come to mind as the first thing. They are not entirely accurate, names and designations are lacking, and yet they could not be more appropriate. Prepared in a caleidoscopic manner, his illustrations capture the character of any city in a unique and extraordinary way, without him ever having visited this city himself.

Jazz entices us to look at cities such as Milan, Berlin, London and Barcelona differently. As in a graphically excellent inkblot test, every viewer perceives something different. The straight-lined roads of many North American cities contrast with the confused, at first glance chaotic configuration of alleys in Jerusalem. They reveal much about the idiosyncrancies of the inhabitants of these and people in general. Jazzberry Blue manages to capture the charm of any city as a unique puzzle.

Other motifs by Jazz also show that retro is in vogue right now. This includes illustrations in the style of book covers, travel posters, surrealistic as well as abstract representations, construction manuals for toys and geometric shapes which he transfers onto the universe and skylines of well-known cities. At any rate, his works in large format have earned a place of honour on the wall.
Jazzberry Blue - Jerusalem
Jazzberry Blue - Boston
Jazzberry Blue - New York

Keep it simple – with the charm of the 70s!

The unique style employed by Jazzberry Blue is not merely shown in the choice of his motifs, but also in the application of conventional, geometric shapes and the utilization of an always identical range of colours inspired by the 70s, consisting of black, brown, orange, yellow and teal.

It is the combination of large-scale uniformly coloured illustrations and elaborately prepared details which makes his works so special and immediately attracts all looks as posters. One immediately recognises that Jazz could also be enthusiastic about the illustration of children’s books by looking at the fabulous skylines of popular metropolises. If it were up to him, flying elephants, dangerous dinosaurs and clever owls would soon be found in every child’s room.

Entirely in the sense of surrealism, Jazz works with known entities that he merely alienates and thereby creates something new. In this way he also justifies his success as a digital illustrator. According to our artist, it is important not to frighten the audience as many contemporary artists do, because they are simply too far advanced in terms of their technique.
Jazzberry Blue - New York Jazzberry Blue - New York Jazzberry Blue - New York
One thing is immediately apparent: Jazzberry Blue’s works have a high recognition value! His style permeates all of his illustrations. Several pictures with similar colour scheme arranged on a wall are the eye-catcher par excellence.
“I think everything I produce has a technical, retro, pop flavour. It is precise in the line work but the colors and themes are loose and surreal.”
Jazzberry Blue - Goldner-Harary Arc Graph
Jazzberry Blue - NO EVIL 1

Cartography reloaded

It is not seldom that Jazzberry Blue’s works first emerge in his mind when he reaches for paper – or better said: the design programme starts. But he usually already has an idea as far as arrangement and colour selection is concerned when he starts illustrating. In addition to a few analogue paintbrushes and canvases, Photoshop has everything he needs to be digitally creative.

Jazzberry Blue views himself less as a cartographer, but rather as an artist in search of something new, who has somewhat deviated from the path and has discovered unknown paths up to now. Since he occasionally likes to get bogged down in the detailed research for his city maps, Jazz attempts to keep as much distance as possible to reality. So his best ideas also frequently arise when his inspiration is supposedly exhausted.
Jazzberry Blue Jazzberry Blue Jazzberry Blue
“Maps have a wonderful ability to transform between strange abstract formations and identifiable locations which speak to individuals on a global level.”
Jazzberry Blue - Hermès Jazzberry Blue - Hermès Jazzberry Blue - Hermès
As Jazz reveals to us, it was not so long ago that he digitalised his works. In 2012 he started to be active online as an artist, and since that time a lot has happened. After an intensive phase in which he became acquainted with digital illustration programmes such as Photoshop and oriented himself towards commonplace templates, success soon ensued.

Nowadays he is just as nimble with a mouse as with a paintbrush. His works seem more casual and more abstract, and have this very special expressionistic aura. A special edition which he created for The Ritz Hotel and the Boutique Hermès also proves that he is internationally successful. And yet his illustrative style is still changing and developing. Art knows no standstill. Like probably all artists, Jazzberry Blue experiments with shapes, uses new tools, dabbles in different styles – and so we can probably also anticipate great things from him in the future.

Photo: Hermès

When the Fortress of Solitude falls

Jazz very modestly tells us about his work as an artist. No studio, no office: only his small, imageless apartment serves him as a workplace. If he is not absorbed in one of his projects at the moment, he goes for a walk through the park with his dog. Since working in the home office is sometimes quite lonely, Jazz uses his art to make contact with people outside and to overcome social insecurities.

Instead of wasting time bringing his art to customers, our platform helps him with marketing. Posterlounge enables artists such as Jazzberry Blue to concentrate on the creation of their works without having to manage and promote their own shop at the same time. Our artist also distances himself from elaborate social media strategies, because he perceives this as time-consuming. Instead, he allows his art to speak for itself.
“The ability to reach multiple marketplaces through one simple platform allows me to spend more time creating and less time promoting, posting and managing!”
Jazzberry Blue - Smoking Dog
Jazzberry Blue - Berlin Skyline

Last but not least

Jazzberry Blue - Grandma's House Jazzberry Blue - Grandma's House Jazzberry Blue - Grandma's House
It is a success story of how a reclusive individualist became an internationally known artist who took matters in his own hands and realised his dream.

Jazzberry Blue is a modern surrealist, who despite existing insecurities took advantage of his opportunities and has further developed himself in an impressive manner. At any rate, we are of the view that as modest as Jazz behaves, he does not have to be that way at all! His works are impressive and the sales figures definitely speak for themselves.
We are convinced: together with Jazzberry Blue we anticipate even more exciting excursions to new artistic travel destinations in the future. We will gladly take you there. But in the meantime you can cast a glance at his colourful collection of prints in our shop. Have fun!

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