Johnny Morant – cast off, captain!

Johnny Morant – cast off, captain!

Simply chancing something, without knowing what the result will be, throwing all doubts overboard and dropping anchor wherever he pleases – this is what makes Johnny who he is. His unique oil paintings are an expression of this impulsiveness and passion. Driven by these emotions, in his images, our artist plays with volatility of form and by doing so, exerts an incomparable appeal over the viewer, exhibiting thematic and technical complexity.

Johnny Morant Johnny Morant Johnny Morant
Our artist has had an exciting time. In May 2016, Johnny Morant embarked on a journey to explore the Mediterranean by sailing boat, together with his partner Julia. As total newcomers to sailing, the pair had no idea what to expect. Only one thing was clear to our artist, right from the start. If you want to achieve something, you have to take a chance.

Johnny took his camera, sketchpad and easel along for the five-month journey. The artist, who lives in London, turned the impressions and experiences gained on this voyage into an exceptional series of oil paintings – each as unique as nature itself. His new collection has only recently been on display to admire, at London’s Rountree Tryon Gallery, and now Johnny can also share his work with the world through our online shop.
Johnny wasn’t always as determined as he is now. After attending art school in Bristol and Bournemouth, he initially hesitated to make a career from his passion. That’s why he ended up in Central Russia for a while. Here he taught keen fishermen how to fly fish, while simultaneously completing sketches of his clients. Once back in London, he awoke the interest of gallery owners with his completed work.

Figurative drawings and paintings became his life and his greatest passion, and this continues today. His contemporary images are charged with emotions and allow him to relive his most beautiful memories, while simultaneously sharing them with art enthusiasts from all over the world.
“It is not enough to simply paint well. You need to actively build connections with people if you want to succeed.”

Success is no coincidence

Johnny Morant’s portfolio is a diverse collection of people, places and travel destinations. In an incomparable liaison of figurative subject choice and fragmented painting style, Johnny brings to life the most impressive scenes from his latest voyage, reflecting the impulsiveness and the colourful hustle and bustle of London city life or providing profound insights into human complexity and vulnerability with up-close nude studies.
Johnny draws inspiration for new works of art from these regular adventures. When creating his paintings, he reflects on his experiences over a long period of time and then relives them in oil on canvas. Our artist boosts his creativity with regular input. In turn, this is the basis for his constant stream of new ideas. Johnny is constantly embarking on the search for challenges and is capable of applying his enthusiasm to a variety of situations. An open-minded outlook and attitude, combined with courage to tackle a variety of topics are absolutely everything to an artist when it comes to being a success and enthusing others with one’s art.
“I follow whatever passion is consuming me at the time and my work naturally follows suit.”

The game of chance

For Johnny, there are two types of day. If he is travelling, perhaps on a sailing trip or something else, he captures these moments in photographs or records them on his sketch pad. Once back in his studio, his daily routine is rather different. Here, the London painter channels the many sensory impressions he experienced, taking the time to recap. If Johnny works in the studio in his London apartment, time stands still for him. The best ideas often come to him in a secluded, quiet atmosphere.

He lets the exact feeling that he experienced in the moment flow onto large canvases, arranging it in coherent, thoroughly thought-out compositions, making the invisible visible. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop, Johnny can try different arrangements before he first begins to transfer his ideas onto the canvas, initially with just a thin layer of colour.
For our artist, creativity begins even when mixing the shades, because only the very best quality oil paint is good enough for Johnny Morant. As a result, he mixes his own paints, combining linseed oil and turpentine. The more self-aware Johnny Morant becomes through his works and exhibitions, the freer his brush strokes. He has developed his own style which characterises his images.
The piece of art stands as something separate in the foreground and is not simply a reproduction of what he saw. For Johnny, art therefore means disassociating from conventions, against a backdrop of everyday scenarios.

Last but not least

Just as with his sailing trip, Johnny Morant is always hurling himself into the unknown and testing his limits. Driven by curiosity, he experiments with shapes and colours, keeping the objective constantly in mind. Reviewing his most beautiful memories, charging them with emotions and sharing these with others has become his life’s work.
And our artist masters this with flying colours. His various works are absolutely overwhelming. Johnny transforms a simple snapshot into a work of art, filled with passion.

Our artist negotiates paths away from traditional art, merging concept and clarity in a subtle way, showing fragility of form with focussed brush strokes. Johnny Morant’s works are the expression of true and profound devotion to art. Discover the many facets of the British artist in our shops.

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