Like a Summer Breeze

Like a Summer Breeze

Nautical decorating ideas, casual Boho style and refreshing drinks

Summer has finally arrived! Discover our interior design ideas for the warmer months: a palette of aqua tones, sea pictures and nautical items are sure to put you in a holiday mood. Also, Jenny from Make it Boho provides fresh inspiration for a casual Bohemian look with blue accents, and blogger Sandra has prepared some non-alcoholic cocktail recipes so you can keep your cool when it’s hot outside. Enjoy the summer sunshine!


Sea you soon! Nautical interior design ideas

Nautical interior design ideas Nautical interior design ideas Nautical interior design ideas Nautical interior design ideas

Côte d’Azur, Italian Riviera or the Caribbean? No need to visit faraway places to enjoy a fresh breeze, because you can easily create coastal flair in your home by adding nautical decor. To make intense blue and turquoise tones stand out, team them with white materials. Choose bright rattan armchairs, fabrics with stripes and herringbone patterns, ornamental seashells and sea pictures to make the relaxed summer version of the nautical style complete.

Don’t be afraid to use bold colours! An aquamarine or turquoise wall works well alongside delicate illustrations: nautical prints featuring corals, seahorses and other sea creatures are the highlights of this year’s summer decoration. Try exotic beach pictures to create an authentic Caribbean atmosphere; thanks to brilliant printing results and beautiful reflections, these idyllic landscape photographs especially come into their own as acrylic prints – ocean sounds included!

Nautical interior design ideas - Room 2
Nautical interior design ideas - Room 3
Did you know ... ... that ‘azure’ refers to the Persian word for ‘sky blue’? The deep blue mineral azurite was used as a colour pigment as early as in Ancient Egypt. In comparison to ultramarine, azure has a green tinge to it.
Nautical interior design ideas - Products

1. Image 2. Jellyfish ‘La Baia’ by Leonardo 3. Fairy lights ‘Atlantique’ 4. Plaid ‘Conny’ by Port Maine 5. Image 6. Candle ‘Coral Reef’

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Boardwalk into the sea, Mexico
Abstract Line Art 01
Pool with Ocean View

Bohemian style with Make it Boho

Jenny from the blog Make it Boho shows how to create a Scandinavian summer look with blue accents. The Berlin-based blogger has always had a soft spot for interior design. Week after week, she tries new creative decorating and DIY ideas in her own flat, which she shares with two cute cats. The casual Boho style is just right for Jenny, because mixing is not an option but a must. In her home, vintage furniture from the 50s meets feathers, macramé, ethnic patterns and lots of plants.
Make it Boho - Room 1
Make it Boho - Room 2
Make it Boho - Room 3

Jenny’s current project: a stylish TV solution for her Boho-style living room. A short while ago, she found a gem in her grandparents’ basement, namely a simple mid-century sideboard. Finished with two fresh coats of paint, the pretty vintage furnishing is the centrepiece of Jenny’s new media area. Her white and blue gallery wall includes, among others, a colourful mandala, watercolour palm fronds and a peaceful heron. The prints as well as her wall hangings and golden accessories match perfectly. Now that’s what we call Boho!

Make it Boho - Products

1. Image 2. Pineapple 3. Cushion cover ‘Pawnee’ 4. Mirror ‘Kampar’ 5. Vase ‘Authentic’ 6. Image

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Gimme Air
White Heron
Watercolor Image Of Flamingo Bird
Cactus Watercolor

Non-alcoholic cocktail recipes with Femme Noble

Holidays, sunshine and a hammock – what else could you wish for during summertime? Exactly, cool drinks! Our tips for refreshing cocktails are brought to you by fashion designer Sandra, who has been sharing all sorts of inspiration on her blog Femme Noble since the beginning of 2015. In addition to latest fashion trends, Sandra writes about lifestyle, travel and lots of fun recipes, of course. Sandra’s delicious non-alcoholic cocktails are easy to make and provide a nautical flair. Cheers!


With its marvellous colour gradient, the ‘Ocean’ really lives up to its name. The deep blue shade of Sandra’s cocktails comes from a large dose of Blue Curaçao syrup; combine with grapefruit juice, lemonade and a lot of crushed ice. Enjoy this drink with a sea view when sitting on your balcony in the evening!

Cocktail - Blue Cocos

Blue Cocos

A taste of the Caribbean: to make this elegant light blue cocktail, pour Blue Curacao syrup, coconut syrup, apple juice and milk into the mixer, add crushed ice, et voilà: the ‘Blue Cocos’ is ready to drink.

View Sandra’s cocktail recipes


Pure refreshment

During the warmer months, choose refreshing drinks to fill your glass and adorn your walls! For example, the hand-lettered and illustrated recipe prints by Lily & Val make beautiful and practical accessories!

Vintage Birdy Cocktail II
Cocktail on the Beach III
Mint Julep Recipe
Cool Chair

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