Living Trends 2018

Living Trends 2018

The ultimate guide to trends for the new year

The new year brings a breath of fresh air into our dusty living rooms. Rarely have so many different influences played a part as they do this year. But as if that isn’t enough, new colours and materials are not just conquering the world of interiors, but also our hearts. Discover the trends just around the corner and how best to use them in your own home.


A mecca for individuals

With so many different influences from foreign cultures, media and design exhibitions, it seems that sources of inspiration for lovers of both interiors and design will never dry out. That’s why 2018 will bring a colourful combination of different styles, all of which complement each other.

Just as people differ, so do interiors. That’s because they reflect personality and yet are an entirely individual place to retreat, all at once. So, in future, interior design elements will tend to feature cosiness paired with trendy design, creating a living area that is also a safe haven. It’s less about perfectionism and more about a unique interpretation of individual style.

The themes of living sustainability and in a natural way will continue to play a big part in 2018 interiors.

A mecca for individuals - Room 1
A mecca for individuals - Room 2
Posterlounge tip: All too often we just want to throw old things out and start completely afresh. But honestly, how often can you opt for a new sofa or a large wall shelving unit? Since we can't keep constantly redesigning things, our own living style can be quickly and easily updated with accessories, pictures, colours, room textiles and lighting.
A mecca for individuals - Produkte

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These are the colours to watch next year

Already heard of Millennial Pink? This colour is one to watch as a key trending tone for the new year. Entire rooms will radiate the pastel candy colour, but accessories such as cushions and vases are another way to instantly integrate this spring-like hue into the home. Metallic tones are also experiencing a comeback. These result in homely elegance, both on the wall or in decorative elements, without being overwhelming.

The Pantone Color Institute announced the Color of the Year 2018, and the selected shade is Ultra Violet, prophesying a mystical, almost magical ambience in our living rooms. Those who like things a little more toned down can opt for an earthy colour palette this year. But even here, the future shades will be brighter. Intense orange and burgundy red push aside the ranges of grey so beloved until now, making room for colour compositions consisting of violet and dark turquoise.

Posterlounge tip: Colour trends are clearly steering towards muted tones, such as rich burgundy red, violet and deep opal green. Large prints or clear patterns on wall hangings and textiles go perfectly with this. After the notably ‘graphic’ patterns of recent years, nature and animal prints are set to gain in popularity.
These are the colours to watch next year - Products

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Don’t miss these materials

For years, living room interior design has leant towards warm metals such as copper and bronze. But even if we don’t plan to completely banish this from our homes, soon it’s all going to be about cool silver decorative accents. Silver ticks all the boxes because it looks elegant and timeless. To highlight this, pair silver with heavy velvet fabrics in dark tones – first and foremost among these is, of course, Pantone Ultra Violet.

Organic materials and traditional, hand-crafted items are another absolute must-have for 2018. A mix of sustainable, natural and recycled materials is the perfect companion to new living trends, expressing cultural diversity.

Posterlounge tip: Using new and authentic materials in interior design is hardly reinventing the wheel, but there will be a transition to darker and medium tones. So bright white Carrara marble will be replaced by black or brown marble. And fabrics will be heavier in the future. Elegant images in an art-deco style fit perfectly in such settings.
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