Loui Jover – Where There’s a Will…

Loui Jover – Where There’s a Will…

… our artist is never far away. Loui Jover is like a mirror for popular culture. The ideals of beauty and romantic visions are the constant driving forces behind his work. They are the inspiration for new works which he puts to paper with a calm hand and impulsive creativity. His art is as interesting as his life. We’ve had the privilege to gain an insight into both and to get to know the man behind the canvas.

Loui Jover Loui Jover Loui Jover
Loui Jover is an artist with every fibre of his being. It is as if there is ink running through his veins instead of blood – Japanese ink to be precise, as this forms the basis for his exceptional large-format illustrations and collages. His works have not only caught the eye of enthusiastic art lovers around the world, they have also been an inspiration for many other artists.

Loui Jover is a full-time artist. His roots are Yugoslavian, but he has made multifaceted Australia his home. He works in his studio every day beneath the Australian sun and it is here that his largely figurative motifs take shape. So how did it all start? Loui Jover began his career as an illustrator at an early age. Even as a young boy he dreamed of being an artist and was encouraged and guided by his father. In his early twenties, he began working as an illustrator and photographer for the army. This experience laid the foundation for his groundbreaking international career as an artist.

Creativity is a fundamental part of Loui Jover’s life. He is busy with it around the clock and it keeps him active, inspiring him again and again. Loui is not aiming at any specific audience, simply anyone who likes his work. Even if there wasn’t a market for his work, the Australian artist assures us that he would still keep at it until the day comes when he is no longer able to hold a brush. But that day is still far away. Loui is at the pinnacle of his career, as is more than apparent when looking at his portfolio. It is bursting with passion, new ideas and sometimes even colour.
“You just have to take a chance. Do what you find fun and stick with it!”

A paintbrush loaded with emotions

He finds the inspiration for his motifs almost everywhere, but he doesn’t paint them one to one. He reflects them in his own way, giving them new forms and putting them together with different elements. His aim isn’t to change the reality of the world in his pictures, but rather to represent it with his own personal take. It is precisely this aspect of his work that makes it so unique. In doing so, Loui moves within the zeitgeist and uses his art to express a sense of freedom, independence and a release from any constraints.
Many of his motifs are characterised by a combination of sensuality, eroticism and passion. With his artistic interpretations of celebrities and historical figures such as Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Darwin or Sigmund Freud, he succeeds in giving his works a contemporary reference – and they are being very well received indeed! In many of his motifs the striking colours invoke a touch of nostalgia. A background of yellowed book pages fills his work with emotion, lending an element of drama. Perceiving the frequently used foundation of black and white as a challenge, it is not uncommon for Loui to introduce elements of street art. Through a combination of collage, drawing, painting and stamped components, he dares to create his entirely unique mixed media experiments.
“I don’t really classify my drawing as this or that – it is simply drawing.”

No time for hesitation

Loui Jover’s quest for independence and freedom is also evident in his creative process. Every workday is a little different. The thing that Loui especially likes about being an illustrator and painter is the possibility he has to create art which arises from a fluid cycle. The idea of gradually adding layers of colour to his motifs over the course of many months does not satisfy Loui’s impatient nature. You can really see this spontaneity and impulsiveness in his portfolio, which radiates a vibrant energy.

All of his works arise from a few simple drawings and sketches. Loui finds inspiration in magazines, books, films and the internet. Once he has selected his motif, he works with various standard and special calligraphy brushes or sometimes with a nib ink pen or oil pigment sticks. He also likes to use a special Japanese ink called Sumi ink. Loui doesn’t get caught up in long preliminary considerations; once he has an idea, he quickly gets to work on it. One large project Loui is planning for the future is his own stylised mural painting, for which he has plenty of ideas.
“I believe that your drawing style reflects a personal development process and that this never really ends as long as you’re able to continue drawing.”

At home between paint tubes and ink jars

If you want to understand Loui’s artistic intentions, you also need to take a look at his studio. Not unlike his art, his workspace is a little bit chaotic, but there’s also a very clear structure to it. Some of his best motifs were created here among the splashes of ink, easels and tubes of paint. Loui prefers to work at one end of his studio where there’s a high table he can work at while standing. Is he self-disciplined in his work? That’s not a problem ever since Loui did away with all manner of comfortable stools and chairs. There’s only one place to sit in his studio, just in case his legs get tired.

For an artist, marketing your work is an essential part of the profession and an art in itself. The internet and social media offer huge potential, but they also cost a great deal of time. Loui is therefore very appreciative of the support he gets from Posterlounge as the publisher of his art. This saves him a vast amount of time which he can instead invest in the creative process.
Loui Jover - Studio Loui Jover - Studio Loui Jover - Studio

Last but not least

Every successful artist has to have a certain amount of drive – something Loui definitely has. In his opinion, practice and dogged persistence are the keys to success. Giving up is always easy and even Loui needed some time to recognize that art was his calling and take the brave decision to become a freelance artist. According to Loui, if you hesitate too long, you risk wasting your talent.

Inspiring words from someone who has made it in the art world and has never allowed himself to be swayed. With his distinctive and diverse motifs, he has managed to stand out among the masses of talented artists. His iron will and hands-on mentality have certainly played a role in this achievement. For us, Loui Jover has not only established himself among our ranks as a valuable artist, he is also a constant source of inspiration.

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