Mexican Design Ideas

Mexican Design Ideas

An homage to Frida Kahlo

It is hard to believe, but 90 years have passed since Mexican artist Frida Kahlo painted her ‘Self-Portrait in a Velvet Dress’,
the first of many paintings of herself to come. Her extraordinary self-portraits have become cult objects over the years.
We take the starting point of Frida Kahlo’s impressive career as an opportunity to present the best tips for creating
a Mexican-style home.


¡Ay, caramba! – Mexican-inspired living

If there is one thing Mexican culture stands for, it is certainly the pure love of life! This joie de vivre is reflected in cheerful, colourful and exotic home decor. The Mexican decorating style is suited for all those who have seen enough of modern wall designs with the same shades of grey and functional, minimalist furnishings.

The colour concept of this style is inspired by the fascinating landscape and nature of Mexico. Choose vibrant colours: the intense blue of the sea, the warm yellow of the sun and the fiery red of cactus flowers. In general, unmixed tones such as those used in Frida Kahlo’s paintings or the traditional clothing of Mexico’s indigenous people work best with this style. When it comes to decorating, there is even space for a few clichés: put a sombrero or a colourful wall hanging here and there, or set up a hammock. With natural materials and light wood furniture this look will feel even more Mexican.

¡Ay, caramba! – Mexican-inspired living ¡Ay, caramba! – Mexican-inspired living ¡Ay, caramba! – Mexican-inspired living ¡Ay, caramba! – Mexican-inspired living
¡Ay, caramba! – Mexican-inspired living - room 2
¡Ay, caramba! – Mexican-inspired living - room 3
¡Ay, caramba! – Mexican-inspired living - products

1. Image 2. Ceramic lamp ‘PANAMA’ 3. Sombrero ‘FIESTA’ www.butlers.comm 4. Cushion cover ‘MANICATA’ 5. Image

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Oh Frida – Thank you for being so fabulous!

Oh Frida – Thank you for being so fabulous! Oh Frida – Thank you for being so fabulous! Oh Frida – Thank you for being so fabulous! Oh Frida – Thank you for being so fabulous!

With her eyebrows meeting in the middle, her light moustache and her strong facial features Frida Kahlo does not exactly meet the beauty standards for women created by the industry. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Mexican painter has deliberately represented an ‘ideal of anti-beauty’, which would certainly make Barbie lose her countenance.

Frida Kahlo was a woman who looked like a painting herself. Over and over she painted self-portraits in order to capture specific emotions or situations in life, and to come to terms with them. Painting helped her deal with her many traumas, and the extraordinary artist never gave up. In her pictures she expressed the way she saw herself: as a proud and strong woman. Frida Kahlo’s paintings have been adapted on various occasions, and today they are a source of inspiration, a part of the cultural heritage of Mexico and a symbol of feminism. Thank you, Frida!

frida © Claudio Limón

Did you know ... The Mexican icon Frida Kahlo had German ancestors. Her father Carl Wilhelm Kahlo came from Pforzheim. At the age of eighteen, he emigrated to Mexico, where he met Frida’s mother Matilde Calderón y Gonzalez.

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Frida Kahlo
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Tropical flair for flamboyant personalities

The plant-filled patio of Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul in Mexico City is the perfect combination of Mexican design and tropical feeling. What you need to create jungle atmosphere in your own home? Lots of plants, of course! Especially plant species which are characteristic of the region, for example, cactuses, agaves and palm trees. If you are not that into watering and subtropical temperatures, you can use textiles with botanic prints instead. Floral and exotic designs are absolutely in vogue with wall art too. Paired with a golden frame, a poster can give a traditional yet chic twist to the Mexican style, making it the highlight of your living room design!

Tropical flair for flamboyant personalities - room 1
Tropical flair for flamboyant personalities - room 2
Tropical flair for flamboyant personalities - room 3
Tropical flair for flamboyant personalities - products

1. Image 2. Cushion Cover ‘PALMIERS’ 3. Pink Flamingo ‘FLAMINGO’ 4. Cactus ‘FLORISTA’ 5. Image

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Recipe for fruit-infused water by Nicest Things

Vera is a German photographer living in Heidelberg. On her blog Nicest Things, she shares inspiring ideas with her readers, covering topics such as interior design, DIY projects and food. With autumn knocking on our door, Vera brings a simple and exotic recipe to you which will help you preserve summer in your glass. For her fruit-infused water she combines sweet and sour fruits with a pitaya, also called dragon fruit. The neon pink pitaya, which is a fruit of cactuses native of Mexico, will give still mineral water a much more decorative look.
Recipe for fruit-infused water by Nicest Things - room 1
Recipe for fruit-infused water by Nicest Things - room 2
Recipe for fruit-infused water by Nicest Things - room 3

To prepare the colourful vitamin water, cut the dragon fruit into slices, use a star-shaped cookie cutter and add the pieces into a bottle, along with some raspberries and apple slices. Fill with water, and your fruit-infused refreshment is ready to drink. Not only does this drink look super exotic, it is also extremely delicious!
Vera’s tip: ideally, the fruits should be very ripe. Squash hard fruits a bit or cut them into pieces so they can develop their full flavour. Instead of dragon fruit, apples and raspberries, you can also try water infused with melon and kiwi to get a fruity taste of summer.

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