Nailia Schwarz – Art for All the Senses

Nailia Schwarz – Art for All the Senses

Nailia always ignored all the warnings about playing with your food. Instead, our artist likes to whip out her camera, suddenly bringing everyday objects to life. Slipping kitchen utensils and food into unusual roles, she stages small spectacles in a charming way. She shares the inspiration behind her magical images.

Nailia Schwarz Nailia Schwarz Nailia Schwarz
Only a handful of people are lucky enough to reach a point where they know exactly what they want to do with their lives. For Nailia, that moment came when her husband bought her an SLR camera. From that instant, the photographer knew there was no going back. Some years have passed since then and Nailia can now look back at her career as a freelance photographer. But a long path still lies ahead of her and we’re right to be excited!

Nailia took up photography, studying in her home city of St. Petersburg. Here, the native Russian studied art history and turned her childhood passion for art into a career. Nailia now lives in Germany and enjoys getting her teeth into both commercial and personal projects. Her portfolio is wide-ranging, but her speciality definitely lies in nature, still life and miniature photography.

Her unique style and attention to detail, her skill for transforming something banal into something special – this is the secret to Nailia Schwarz’s success. She breathes new life into everyday objects in many of her images, giving each one its own personality. This is how Nailia creates entire scenes, bringing tiny stories alive, which play out in front of the inner eye of the beholder. The proof in the pudding? Sometimes all we need is a little surprise to send our imagination on a journey.
“I always was a little bit of an artist.”

Enjoy! Images with bite

Nailia’s ‘Simple Things’ are a particular highlight as well as a bestseller in our range. The images depict objects which seem rather commonplace and inconspicuous at first glance. But Nailia puts them centre stage. And her extraordinary talent for this is exactly what appeals to our customers all over Europe. Nailia makes an incredible impact with very little. Often, a bit of wire, a couple of props from the kitchen and a dash of humour are enough. And that’s all that lies behind her appetising food photographs. They are a cheery addition when hung in a kitchen and yet also manage to set our stomachs rumbling with Mediterranean herbs, Christmassy spices, rich red pomegranate seeds and fresh figs just part of the art.
However, Nailia’s skills go far beyond the world of miniature and object photography. The photographer has also discovered the minimalist aesthetics of food and the colourful world of plants, as well as people, animals, still life, landscapes and cities. Nailia’s repertoire is both technically and stylistically versatile. Classic black and white images stand side by side with vibrant, colourful shots. Detailed close-ups of flowers contrast with photographs of vast landscapes.

But where does our artist get the inspiration to create new works of art on a daily basis? As she tells us, the small things in life not only inspire her images, but are also the source of her creativity.
She transforms these moments, feelings, thoughts, encounters and experiences into unique one-off images, with skill and ingenuity. In their entirety, all her images seem consistent and harmonious, and there is never a lack of excitement. If an image makes an observer smile or pause to think, then Nailia’s work is done.
“I am fascinated by the boring things in life, the things we rarely give a second thought to. I want to show them in another light.”

Where the magic happens

Nailia only takes three steps to get to work, since the self-employed photographer has a studio at home. This has both advantages and disadvantages, according to our photographer. It means her working process is sometimes interrupted by everyday events.

Perhaps her velvety-grey Russian Blue cat Bony slips into frame, her dog demands his daily walk or the kids need to be picked up from school. That said, this isn’t a problem for Nailia, because in addition to photography, she also believes in the art of ordered chaos.

The best images in her portfolio are created daily in her studio among tripods and pots, a confusion of dried flowers and props. When it’s finally time to post-process her images, Nailia likes to work with a film or music on in the background.

Recipe for individuality

Nailia Schwarz - Before-After-Image Nailia Schwarz - Before-After-Image Nailia Schwarz - Before-After-Image
Nailia’s images are full of emotions, something that is no coincidence. Today, more than ever, she works with light and in doing so, focuses completely on the content of her images. Often, she only focuses on certain elements and emphasizes these with a carefully placed splash of colour. Nailia usually keeps the background deliberately simple and neutral.

Once she starts a project, she loses herself entirely in the creative process and puts everything else around her aside. Often, the end result differs drastically from the original idea, but this doesn’t matter to Nailia. As in life, it is often the spontaneous moments that make a snapshot into something special.

The camera and lens are to Nailia as an easel and brush is to a painter. But for our photographer, the job isn’t done once the image is taken. The post-processing of the images plays just as important a part. Specifically, using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Nailia can turn something simple into a contrast-rich, striking image, which takes on special meaning when displayed in large format on the wall.
“Just taking a pretty picture… That’s not enough for me. I want my images to tell a story too.”

Last but not least

Nailia advises young artists to gain as much experience as they can, to learn from it and not be put off by critics. At the end of the day, taking joy in the creative process is what matters to one’s art, rather than being motivated by profit.

For Nailia, there is nothing more important than creating authentic, natural and unique art. That’s why she’s not frightened of trying out something new every now and then. Whether it’s a droll little peanut man, inquisitive banana animals or headless lemons, Nailia’s willingness to experiment knows no bounds!

And we’re excited too! We can’t wait to see what the daring photographer with Russian roots has to offer in our range – and what she comes up with next.

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