Philippe Hugonnard – a Photographer with Chameleon-Like Qualities

Philippe Hugonnard – a Photographer with Chameleon-Like Qualities

Photography is Philippe Hugonnard’s passion, and many of his images show our world bathed in an unearthly light, open to new perspectives. His light touch evokes a sense of mystery in drab everyday greyness, creating surreal parallel worlds. He explained to us how he evokes these unusual effects in his pictures, transmitting his emotions to the viewer.

Philippe Hugonnard Philippe Hugonnard Philippe Hugonnard
For a photographer, living in the world’s most romantic city is both a benefit and a challenge. In Paris, there’s something worth photographing on every corner, and it’s difficult for one artist to stand out from the huge number of holiday photos and postcard views. Philippe Hugonnard has achieved just that. His photos have a fascinating effect on the viewer and are extremely professional.

In his childhood, Philippe dreamt of becoming a photographer, eventually fulfilling that dream. Born in Switzerland, he studied audiovisual production, gradually switching to digital photography. His interest in new technologies became an all-consuming passion, and now Philippe is trying out all the options on offer in digital photography. His work has become more sophisticated over time, and he has developed an unerring instinct for capturing images of landscapes, places and moments, retaining the emotions and impressions felt in a particular situation, even when they have long passed.

Photography allows Philippe to share the special moments he experiences and the emotions he feels. We too were instantly captivated by the content in his images, displaying a totally new approach to the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and the African fauna.

We were also lucky enough to see a more intimate side of the artist Philippe Hugonnard, learning what inspires him to produce a stream of extraordinary motifs.
“Believe in yourself. Deep down, we are all artists. Break down barriers, even if they seem insurmountable. It’s worth it.”

Unconventional art

Just like a chameleon adapting to its background, Philippe Hugonnard switches back and forth between urban scenarios and observations from the South African savannah, between vibrant settings and still life. Browsing through his diverse repertoire is an enjoyable task, comprising a variety of dynamic, colourful city shots of New York or Paris to almost zero-gravity infrared pictures.
Philippe Hugonnard - Zebra Black Edition II
Philippe Hugonnard - Manhattan Skyscrapers
Philippe Hugonnard - Ms. Eiffel Tower
Philippe is a real expert in the area of infrared photography. Using pale colours, he transforms places almost devoid of human habitation into fairy-tale winter landscapes, or places Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe in a magical world, framed against a mystical, dark blue sky. Just like an architect, Philippe creates metaphysical fantasy worlds, frozen in time on camera, preserved in muted pastel shades. His safari photos and black-and-white zebra, antelope and elephant collages take the viewer in yet another direction, to new locations, sharing these precious moments with the world.

Whatever you do, be passionate about it!

Philippe Hugonnard knows only one way – forward. He displays a passion for all the things around him, for culture and the people providing him with insight into their life, for distant places and his immediate surroundings. Travelling abroad remains a vital source of inspiration, however, as this often inspires him with great ideas for new projects.

Philippe is constantly searching for unexplored aspects of digital photography, valuing new experiences to expand the scope of his artistic activities. He carries out post-editing of his images with the greatest professional diligence. For example, optimal conditions for his infrared photographs are provided by spring leaves and grass immersed in a luxuriant green. Infrared radiation is emitted on different wavelengths than visible light, revealed through a special IR filter. Visible light is suppressed in the process – the image appears pale and mysterious.

What is immediately apparent from Philippe’s work is the enormous dedication involved, and it’s not surprising that impulsivity dominates his daily work routine. In fact, this Swiss artist doesn’t even know what a typical day is. Sometimes he thinks about a plan for hours, or goes for a walk, perhaps discovering something along the way that will inspire his next project.

Philippe is used to testing the boundaries of digital photography, unafraid to try out new things. There’s really no need, given the positive feedback!
Philippe Hugonnard - Photography Philippe Hugonnard - Photography Philippe Hugonnard - Photography
“Being creative also means going beyond what you see at first glance…”
Philippe Hugonnard - Blue night
Philippe Hugonnard - Antelope Impala Portrait White Edition VI

At home in the City of Love, in love with the Big Apple

Even the most seasoned globetrotter who has seen the world’s most beautiful places needs a refuge where he can feel at home and take some time out.
Philippe Hugonnard’s photo studio in central Paris serves this function, a base from which he frequently strolls through the Parisian streets, photographing people and places, or taking tea in the Jardin du Luxembourg. He also enjoys being in more lively locations, at the Eiffel Tower or in the Musée d’Orsay.
Philippe Hugonnard - Arc de Triomphe Paris Philippe Hugonnard - Arc de Triomphe Paris Philippe Hugonnard - Arc de Triomphe Paris
Philippe Hugonnard - Manhattan night Philippe Hugonnard - Manhattan night Philippe Hugonnard - Manhattan night
His number one favourite place is New York. When viewing his spectacular large-format photos of the city, the artist and viewer alike are fascinated by the hectic pace lived beneath gigantic skyscrapers. Many images from Philippe’s portfolio have a dream-like quality, making them ideal as bedroom wall decorations.

Philippe knows how to use various online marketplaces to sell his art to a wide audience, reaching people on different continents from his Paris studio. By investing less time in sales, Philippe has more time for work.
“I never plan anything… I work on instinct, depending on who I meet and how I feel.”

Last but not least

Philippe Hugonnard - Ancient architecture Philippe Hugonnard - Ancient architecture Philippe Hugonnard - Ancient architecture
Philippe loves to travel the world, recording the beauty of expansive landscapes and big city bustle with his camera. Applying uniquely individual methods, his motifs have a high recognition factor, superior to that of his fellow artists.

Many of his works are in black and white or muted colours, yet Philippe still shows us the colourful nature of the world around us.
Philippe derives his self-confidence through experimentation and the experiences he makes. Judging from the feedback from our customers ordering his works as wall pictures for their homes, this has been a huge success. We’re looking forward to see what Philippe Hugonnard will come up with next, and which of his new works will be on sale in our shop.

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