Saddle Up!

Saddle Up!

Discover cycling posters, minimalist design and outdoor inspiration.

As true cycling enthusiasts know, life is a beautiful ride! This month we have collected the latest interior design trends for bicycle lovers, including modern bike storage solutions, the popular industrial style and vintage cycling posters. Now that spring is officially here, not only passionate all-season cyclists enjoy spending time outdoors. Get inspired – no matter if you prefer sitting on your balcony or going on a trip! Some of our favourite bloggers share their tips and ideas for a great cycling experience as well as their personal wall art selection.


A Home for Your Bicycle

Many bicycle lovers choose a functional, minimalist interior design. The sense of freedom is reflected in modern, spacious designs and simple shapes. When it comes to furniture and decoration, the focus is on the essential. By adding very few, special elements such as accessories in retro style or matching cycling posters, you can create real highlights in your home. Read more about the retro look in our article about different living room styles.
In some cases, people with a passion for cycling store their bike in their home. With a classy bicycle wall rack, the beloved vehicle becomes itself a piece of furniture. Cyclists are makers, so why not add a touch of garage style to your home: metal and wood, steampunk elements and upcycled furniture create an industrial atmosphere and can be perfectly combined with your bike.

Home for Bicycle Home for Bicycle
Home for Bicycle - Sonntagsstaat
Home for Bicycle - MyBoo
Home for Bicycle - Board By Design
Is the Bike the New Symbol of Urbanity? Absolutely, according to British blogger Andreas from London Cyclist: ‘The countryside is wonderful – the views, the clean air and the quiet roads are a major draw. However, I’m a city boy at heart. I love the busy streets and constantly discovering new parts of London I’ve yet to familiarise myself with.’
Home for Bicycle - Products

1. Image 2. Side Table Br0110 3. Floor Lamp Sonar 4. Lounge Chair St0800 5. Wall Clock IVANA 6. Image

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Travelling by Bicycle

Travelling by Bicycle Travelling by Bicycle Travelling by Bicycle Travelling by Bicycle

However decorative it may be in your home, the bicycle is primarily made for outdoor use. Give your ride a personal touch! You can spot a lot of Dutch bikes adorned with flowers or elegant racing cycles painted in trendy colours rolling in the streets for example. Funny bells, colourful beads and lights to decorate the bike spokes or patterned saddle covers make for humorous eye-catchers.
Handlebar or rack bags and baskets are a must for longer cycling trips. Also, you should always carry a few essential tools with you. London Cyclist Andreas recommends to use two bike locks and powerful bike lights, especially in the city. To get inspiration for your next tour, you can decorate your rooms with vintage bicycle wall art such as advertising posters for beautiful cycling destinations.

Travelling by Bicycle - Room 1
Travelling by Bicycle - Room 2
Travelling by Bicycle - Room 3
Why Choose the Bike? The main argument for blogger Andreas: ‘I like getting from A to B quickly, cheaply and conveniently. London continues to grow and we’re already facing problems of pollution and congestion. The bike is a simple solution to these big problems.’
Travelling by Bicycle - Products

1. Image 2. Bike Basket 3. Portland Bell Press 4. Saddle Cover Triangle 5. Image

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Our Bloggers’ Cycling Tips and Favourite Posters

Anna from Annas Notizblog

In this picture, you can see me on a ride during our holiday in Amsterdam. Never before had I seen a city where quite so many people go by bike! If you like beautiful city breaks and stress-free cycling, you should definitely visit Amsterdam.
My favourite cycling design from the Posterlounge shop is the yellow bicycle – it reminds me of the wonderful time in the Dutch city. Click here to visit Anna’s blog.

Anna from Annas Notizblog

Andreas from London Cyclist

The second date I ever went on with my girlfriend was along the Thames to Greenwich Park. It’s a beautiful ride and largely traffic free. Plus, you get to cross the Thames using the Greenwich Foot Tunnel which I always find intriguing.
I’m a sucker for a vintage bike poster! Click here to visit Andreas’ blog.

Andreas from London Cyclist

Alina from FairytalePrettyPicture

I love Aveley where I live because I have two country parks near me and a small park in town that’s five minutes away. One of the country parks though has a lovely little lake that’s mostly deserted so it’s the most peaceful route.
In regards to my favourite cycling design from the Posterlounge shop, I’d have to say the bike in the field. It very much represents how I’m feeling at the moment, the fresh air, nature sprouting in the fields as it’s spring time and the sunny atmosphere all around. Click here to visit Alina’s blog.

Alina from Fairytaleprettypicture Alina from Fairytaleprettypicture Alina from Fairytaleprettypicture

Donna from OrdinaryCyclingGirl

My absolute favourite thing to do on my bike is to venture to and explore new countries. Cycling holidays are my absolute love at the moment. I think when you travel by bike, you see areas from a different perspective to when you’re travelling by car and the experience is much more magical. Last year I was lucky to be invited to Catalunya. It’s a stunning area with a vastly varied and beautiful landscape; I just love it.
Being on your bike at sunset is a magical experience so I think this cycling poster is pretty special. Click here to visit Donna’s blog.

Donna from Ordinary Cycling Girl

Relaxing after a Cycling Trip – Summer on Your Balcony

Summer on Your Balcony Summer on Your Balcony

When you come home from a cycling trip (or if you prefer to stay at home and sit outside anyway), you may feel like relaxing in your own little green space. The balcony and garden season is open, which means that you can add a fresh touch to yet another area of your home. Especially tropical animal and floral designs are en vogue this year. Feel free to hang your Alu-Dibond pictures outdoors, the material is suited for wet areas and direct sunlight alike.
In addition, the casual concrete look will find its way into gardens and patios – decorate your green space with robust vases, flower pots and lanterns. If you need to save space, which is usually the case in big cities, you can create vertical gardens using plant pockets, climbing plant supports or hanging planters.

Summer on Your Balcony - Room 1
Summer on Your Balcony - Room 2
Summer on Your Balcony - Room 3
In Harmony with Yourself? Donna: ‘Cycling for me is about head space! As a mum of two young children, I’m often busy doing things for them. Cycling is my time to be with my own thoughts, to enjoy nature and allows me some time to keep fit in the great outdoors. I love the sense of freedom cycling gives!’
Summer on Your Balcony - Products

1. Image 2. Wooden Box 3. Lantern, Glass/Concrete 4. Hammock Chair stripe 5. Plate 6. Image

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