Scandinavian interior design ideas

Scandinavian interior design ideas

Natural-cosy interior design ideas from the north

Välkommen och hej! In a Swedish way we'd like to present one of the epitomes of current living trends: The Scandinavian interior style, aka Scandi Look or Swedish interior style. No matter how you name it, they all stand for the same: cosy, natural, flexible, and sustainable living. Let us inspire you by our interior design ideas and the tips of our Scandi expert Bianca. Adding the Northern flair to your home is that easy!

Scandinavian Homes: Bright & Colourful

Bright & Colourful
In the far north, long, dark winter days are driven away by a lot of light, bright colours, and cheerful patterns. For the right Scandi Look, use white and light grey shades for your furnishings. And don't forget colourful contrasts! Popular tones include the classic black, as well as yellow, and all sorts of pastel. The fabric of cushions, carpets, and curtains show - typically Scandinavian - checks, block stripes, and colourful patterns. Accessories with large letters and typographic prints complete the good mood feeling!
Bright & Colourful - Products

1. Art print „Find your balance“ 2. Wall Wonder Clock 3. Art print „Einstein Nature“ 4. Half Moon Wallpaper 5. Sofa „Natura“ 6. Cushion „Triangulus I“ 7. Omaggio Vase 8. Arne Jacobson Porcelain Can 9. Chair Garbo Oak

Why the Scandinavian interior style fascinates people around the world, is explained by Scandi expert Bianca (Wohnlust-Blog):
„I like the lightness of the Scandinavian interior style. It is authentic, casual, and creates an informal as well as sympathetic atmosphere. No matter if realized straightforwardly in black & white or in cheerful colours. I love being creative. My motto: Avoid the look of furniture stores - except for Ikea“
Tip 1

Scandinavian Homes: Natural & Sustainable

Followers of the Swedish style prefer natural materials. First of all, furniture and panelling of bright, untreated wood. Together with soft fur blankets, cotton and linen fabrics, the soul can relax instantly, like on an idyllic walk through nature. Nature motifs also turn up on covers, decorative elements, and wall pictures. Flowers, landscapes, animals, and nature inspired graphics round off the style harmoniously.
Natural & Sustainable
Natural & Sustainable - Products

1. Art print „Britta as Idu“ 2. „LOVEBIRDS“ cushion 3. Re-Turned 4. Marble Cushion 5. Wood Deer 6. Basket „Freja“

Insider: The Swedish painter Carl Larsson and his wife Karin were the pioneers of the nordic interior style in the 19th century. Their house in Sundborn (Sweden) can be visited - it is a museum today.

Scandinavian Homes: Functional & Straightforward

Functional & Straightforward
Adornments and bling-bling are not part of the Scandinavian interior style. Simple lines and organic forms, which are adapted to their use, dominate the Nordic interior style. This plainness makes the Scandinavian design accessible for everyone and individually combinable. Do you like it modern or cosy-traditional? Just adapt the Scandinavian style to your preferences. It is this flexibility, which makes it so popular.
Functional & Straightforward - Room
Tip 2
Functional & Straightforward - Products

1. Art print „Heartbreakbeat“ 2. Arrow Basket 3. Art print „rise 2“ 4. Lampshade CB0660 5. Art print „Into the Wild“ 6. Settee 7. Cushion Cover (from autumn 2015) 8. Ant Chair by Arne Jacobsen, 1952 9. Sideboard Nilsson II

Bianca's Top 5

1. Art print „Polka dots girl“ 2. Art print „Sorted“ 3. Art print „be a voice not an echo“ 4. Art print „Fashion Butterfly“ 5. Art print „The Writer's feathers“

Discover more “Scandi Look” motifs

Woman Lying on a Bench
from £ 7.90  
from £ 9.90  
Sea buckthorn
from £ 6.90  
Flowers and Book on Table
from £ 11.90  


Well, have you acquired a Scandi taste by now? The Scandinavian interior style adds an extra portion of cosiness, simplicity, and naturalness to your home. Geometric patterns, cheerful colours, cosy materials, and modern furniture jazz up the Northern straightforwardness. You can easily adapt this style to your individual liking. Living in the Scandi Look is at the moment definitely our favourite interior design!

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