Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Fresh Interior Design with Pastel, Flowers or Pantone Colours!

For many decorating addicts and interior geeks, spring cleaning does not just mean housecleaning. For a long time, they have been hiding under cuddly blankets or arranging flowers on the kitchen table to get through the cold days, and pressing their cheeks against the window whenever the sun comes out. Now spring has finally arrived! Floral patterns, soft pastel shades or light-hearted spring quotes give a fresh touch to every room. What’s more, Vera from the German blog Nicest things shows you how to style your home using the trendy Pantone colours of the year 2016.


Boom! Spring Fever!

Waiting is not for you? You’ve never quite understood the ‘less is more’ philosophy? Then let spring begin in your home! For the powerful floral style, choose bright colours and eye-catching flower patterns for your wall decor as well as on carpets, mugs or wallpapers, and combine them with real plants. Furniture with floral ornaments and vintage botanic drawings provide an authentic Art Nouveau feeling.

Floral Style - Room 1
Floral Style - Room 2
Floral Style - Room 3

With colourful nature prints, on the other hand, you can show expressionistic extravagance in Bohemian style. There is no need to use only floral designs, nature offers many shapes and colours for your home: from mountain views to jungle motifs. For a spring awakening at all levels, place flower pictures and plants at unusual places – on the floor or hanging from the ceiling for example.

Floral Style - Products

1. Image www.posterlounge.co.uk 2. VILA Magnet www.studiomacura.com 3. Botanic Mug www.bloomingville.com 4. Douvet cover set www.hm.com 5. Lampshade „Blumen“ Vintage www.annawand.de 6. Cushion cover www.hm.com 7. Image www.posterlounge.co.uk

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Flower Pattern

A Fresh Breeze for Your Home with Soft Pastel Colours

Spring does not have to come crashing in. If you prefer soft highlights in your rooms, you may want to choose pastel colours and slightly transparent materials such as mother-of-pearl, glass or light fabrics for your spring makeover. Select bright tones like mint, apricot or lavender, and add flowering branches as natural elements to your interior. The great thing is that various pastel colours can be combined perfectly. Your rooms will still look spacious and airy.

Pastel Style - Room 1
Pastel Style - Room 2
Pastel Style - Room 3

To quote Heraclitus: Everything is in flux. Flowing nature designs or X-ray photographs are an ideal addition to a fanciful pastel style. Motion blur photos or watercolours usually have a smooth, fluid ombré effect, which can be repeated on different furnishings. The ombré or dip-dye trend made its appearance in the fashion industry last year. Now it has been picked up by interior designers!

Pastel Style - Products

1. Image www.posterlounge.co.uk 2. Stool Nature/Winter Sky www.bloomingville.de 3. Vase DutZ www.impressionen.de 4. Image www.posterlounge.co.uk 5. Cotton Box Dip Dye www.bloomingville.de 6. Cushion Canvas, Powder w/Print/Cool Grey www.bloomingville.de 7. Image www.posterlounge.co.uk

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Pantone Colours of the Year 2016

The news has been out for a while: 2016 is the year of the Pantone colours Rose Quartz and Serenity – and these are a great fit for spring! Both colours harmonise with the pastel style or provide a perfect background for floral designs. They can be used together in a beautiful colour gradient or separately as ‘solo performers’. For the first time ever, the Pantone Color Institute has named two colours of the year.

Pantone Colours of the Year 2016 - Room 1
Pantone Colours of the Year 2016 - Room 2
Pantone Colours of the Year 2016 - Room 3
Did you know ...? ... that the US Color Institute Pantone keeps a close eye on society in order to choose the colours of the year? According to Pantone, frequently used colours reflect evolutions in social life. Rose Quartz and Serenity, for example, stand for the changing gender roles.
Pantone Colours of the Year 2016 - Products

1. Image www.posterlounge.co.uk 2. Record player „Cruiser“ www.urbanoutfitters.com 3. Image www.posterlounge.co.uk 4. Pendant Lamp, Nude Shade www.bloomingville.com 5. Cushion Nude/Grey/Cool Grey www.bloomingville.com 6. Shelf Nature w/Cool Grey Dots www.bloomingville.com 7. Edith Cup Nude www.bloomingville.com 8. Image www.posterlounge.co.uk

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Pantone Colours on Vera’s Blog “Nicest Things”

Vera’s living room is coloured with simple shades of grey. In order to add natural spring nuances, the surfaces are adorned with cut flowers. And when Vera is up for more colourful spots in her home, she prepares a Rose Quartz coloured blood orange drink. Her favourite designs from the Posterlounge shop featuring the Pantone look are the dreaming owl in soft rose and the mixed media pattern in Serenity by Iris Lehnhardt.
Vera works as a freelance photographer and stylist in Heidelberg. On her blog, she shows her preference for pretty and tasty things. One could say that she simply appreciates the ‘nicest things’ in life!
Nicest Things - Room 1
Nicest Things - Room 2
Nicest Things - Room 3

DIY Cocktail Sticks by “we love handmade”

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that turn a party with friends into something special. Take a look at these crystal cocktail stirrers in Rose Quartz for example, which are featured on the blog we love handmade. Our opinion: a fresh and refreshing idea!
The blog we love handmade is the result of five creative people putting their heads together. Thanks to lots of ideas, Anna, Petra, Michaela, Kerstin and Teresa have already set up several workshops, a wonderful blog as well as the first Austrian DIY online magazine.
we love handmade - Room 1
we love handmade - Room 2

Get Your Happy On!

Joy! Optimism! Good humour! Get carried away with cheerful spring quotes – every single day. Discover spring quotes for your walls in our Posterlounge shop.

Think Spring
Live Life In Full Bloom
Cut all the flowers
Do what you love

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