Gentle summer breeze

Gentle summer breeze

With these wall pictures, the summer moves in with you

Summer, sun, sunshine? Okay, frankly speaking, the first weeks of this summer were rather lousy. But nevertheless - or therefore - we'll make our own four walls look beautifully summer-like! Discover our summery wall pictures. Whether flowery, tropical, maritime, or gaudy - our interior design ideas bring extra freshness and good mood to your home this summer!

Flowery through the Summer

The summer is full of scent and bloom as no other season is. Let its perfume spread inside with fresh bouquets in light vases and pots made from coloured glass or cool ceramics. These are best accompanied by flowery prints on your walls. A special fascination is created by floral macro photographs on Alu-Dibond.

Discover our summery-flowery motifs

Allium pink
Lavender flowers
Tropical Jungle Atmosphere

Getting lost in lush green, enormous forests, feeling warm and humid temperatures on your skin, following the tracks of exotic animals. The tropical flora and fauna is more than an adventurous destination - it offers wonderful inspiration for the summer-like interior design. See for yourself!

Wall pictures for a tropical home

Tiger Cub
Banana Tree
Mediterranean Temperament

You love the summery holiday flair of Italy's and Spain's alleys and local bars? The Mediterranean can be everywhere! The right pieces of furniture, colours and home accessories make it come much closer. These wall pictures put the finishing touches to your mediterranean summer decorations.

Our recommendations for a mediterranean wall design

Mediterrane Atmosphäre
Ravello amalfi coast
Summer Island of Capri
Island Elba
Summer Dream in Pastel Shades

The sun is shining, the temperatures are high - how refreshing would an ice cream be now? Vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, or mint maybe? The favourite summer flavours started influencing interior design a while ago, known as sorbet colours. These pastel tones create a wonderful lightness in your living space.

These motifs make pastel summer dreams come true

Delicate Gerbera in pink
Birds, Cake & Flowers Raspberry
Maritime Sea Breeze

Rushing waves, refreshing breezes, salty air, and screeching seagulls - a day by the sea is a relief for the soul, especially during summer. Maritime wall pictures enable you to go underwater at home - into your very own oceanic landscape.

Head to the sea with these summery motifs

Sunset at Bang-Sean, Thailand
Blond Lady
Idyll Zingst (Darss/Baltic Sea)
Seaside icecreams
Fruity Freshness for your walls

Have you ever thought of fruits as decorative objects? Now is the time! They smell deliciously, look splendid, and are a healthy snack for in between. In transparent bowls or on trays, the fruity eye candy is shown to its fullest advantage. A longer lasting and similar effect can be created with wall pictures, which present the sweet vitamin bombs impressively.

These motifs provide a summery vitamin kick

Vintage Birdy Cocktail II
Palm Beach Shores
Lemon & Lime
Colour Crash

Colours are a must in summer! The more, the better. The trend is to combine them with geometric patterns! Whether light green, yellow, orange, blue, turquoise, or coral - cheerful colours guarantee a good mood. White as a contrast makes the play of colours appear even fresher and more intensive. For the ultimate freshness kick in summer, you just need to change a few home accessories like cushion covers, carpets, vases, and wall pictures.

Discover our colourful good mood motifs

Peacock Collage
Sunny Bear
Happy Forest
Pattern with triangles

This entry was posted on July 13th, 2015.