The New Natural

The New Natural

The interior trend for green-fingered urbanites

A sustainable living concept is more than just a decorating trend. It embraces a philosophy and an attitude to life that can also be transferred to interior design. At its core is the quest to return to nature by creating space for it in our homes. In addition to plants, this means incorporating natural materials and colours. We reveal the key elements of this style, why less is sometimes more and how to implement this in your home.


Become a gardener in your own four walls

Urban gardening, urban farming and guerrilla gardening are terms that describe more than just a current trend; they express a fundamental desire that lies deep within us. They give voice to a growing need to integrate nature into our daily lives. While many people decide to live or work in the city, this comes at the price of some very basic elements. Faced with high noise levels, imposing brick facades and dense clouds of exhaust fumes, city dwellers are yearning to spend more time surrounded by the lush greenery of nature. Manicured parks and the odd flower at the side of the road are not enough – what we crave is wild, untouched nature.

The pure nature trend offers a way to combine a hip city existence with life in a verdant paradise. It’s a trend that’s gradually spreading from balconies into interiors, which is just as well, since not everyone has a roof garden for growing their own herbs. If you don’t have an outdoor space, there’s no need to miss out on the joys of nature – with our easy-to-follow tips, your home will soon be filled with an authentic jungle atmosphere.

Urban Gardening Urban Gardening Urban Gardening Urban Gardening
Become a gardener in your own four walls - Products

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White Waterlilies
The great piece of turf
Wheatfield with Cypresses

Less is more

Less is more Less is more Less is more Less is more

A key feature of the new natural is not to modify nature to suit your own ideas, but to allow the plant world to reclaim the urban environment and run wild. Simply let nature take up residence in all its untamed glory. To underline the elementary character of the style, a loosely tied bouquet of dried flowers or a discrete plant arrangement with flowers from the garden or field is a great way to create a subtle decorative element that won't look too fussy.

Materials such as felt, ceramic and earthenware lend everything a casual and uncomplicated vibe. Why not use an empty wine bottle as a vase? Natural materials like cork and recycled wood are prefect for emphasising the undone look. Irregularities such as knotholes and discolouration give an even more authentic feel to dark woods; light-coloured woods are distinctly passé. The essential colours of the sustainable living trend are grey, brown, beige and Greenery, the must-have Pantone colour of the year.

Less is more - Procucts

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delicious monster coral
Flamingo Reflection
watercolor cactus

Green, greener, greenest! A jungle on the wall

If you’d rather not spend the entire weekend watering plants, simply add a little green to your walls. Wall pictures of botanical charts, jungle motifs and images of unspoiled landscapes are the perfect way to create a lasting natural environment. Large-format plant motifs on the walls will transform your living room into a botanical garden. A few strategically placed green housemates will provide an effective decorative element and help to ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

A life without houseplants and flowers? It’s a possibility, concedes professional blogger Sophie, but she can’t see the point. Nurturing a penchant for green living, delicious recipes and unusual DIY projects, she shares her ideas with a large community of followers on her popular German blog Sophiagaleria. If you like the natural style, you’ll love Sophie’s inspired creations. We adore these individual herbal posies. Besides a few cardboard toilet rolls, some masking tape, ribbon and a pen, all you need are some fresh garden herbs and voilà – you have a deliciously scented table decoration!
Green, greener, greenest! A jungle on the wall - Blogger - 1
Green, greener, greenest! A jungle on the wall - Blogger - 2

The vintage theme is a fitting way to round off your new natural interior, breathing new life into old objects in your home. This can be achieved with something as simple as turning an old enamel cup into a pot for a small cactus. Subtle details are particularly effective; not everything needs to be perfectly coordinated and styled – the secret is to think natural.

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Discomedusae jellyfish species
Lavender on ancient manuscript
Studio shot of antique camera with flowers

This entry was posted on 1st April 2017.

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