The perfect gift

The perfect gift

The best gift ideas for men and women

Year after year, the search starts for the perfect gift. Whether it’s for your parents, siblings, best friend or sweetheart – in our practical gift guide, with perfect picture ideas, there’s certain to be the right gift for everyone. But how can you make your new wall hanging into something extra special? With our great DIY tips, it’s super-speedy to design your own creative picture frame.


Gift ideas for HER

Watercolours, flower motifs, foxes and other famous icons – we know what makes our everyday heroines happy. Thanks to our gift ideas for mums, sisters, best friends and daughters, you can be sure of getting it right. Saying thank you has never been so beautiful!


DIY – home-made copper frame

Home-made is the best! This hack is the perfect way to turn an image into a very special gift – and it's quick, too! All you need is a simple frame, some copper-coloured paint or spray from your local DIY shop and of course, the right picture.

Our tip... “A shimmering, metallic copper frame looks especially elegant when combined with minimalist monochrome images or typographies. That will definitely steal the show!”

Gift ideas for HIM

Are you looking for gift ideas to really please your dad, brother, friend or best mate? Our highlights from the car, sport, film and travel categories are sure to hit the spot.


DIY – make your own world map frame

This frame is a work of art in itself. Admittedly, this type of DIY project does require more than a little talent of a practical nature. But it’s absolutely worth the effort. Some spray glue and a world map – and this unique frame is done! Perfect for outdoor lovers, world discoverers and adventurers!

Our tip... “This frame puts the destination right before your eyes, so motivational sayings and images of favourite holiday destinations work best here.”

The choice is yours...

Not entirely sure what would make your favourite people happy? Play it safe with a voucher. Put your feet up and let the recipient do the work! They can simply choose their favourite image from our range.

This entry was posted on 1st November 2017.