Time for Tea and Coffee

Time for Tea and Coffee

Biedermeier or British Country Style – Twice the Cosiness!

What makes you feel warm when it’s freezing outside? For many people, a steaming pot of coffee or tea is a glimpse of happiness in long winter afternoons. That’s the time when hours full of comfort and cosiness at home begin. And it doesn’t take much to create a nice and warm atmosphere in the kitchen or a snuggly reading corner! Discover two interior design styles which will make the hearts of tea and coffee lovers beat faster. A special treat for you: Austrian blogger Ursula presents her recipes for winter specials to serve during tea time!


Tea Shop Design for Your Living Room

Tea time is very popular – not only in the United Kingdom. The most important accessory for afternoon tea is the cake stand: from bottom to top, you can taste snacks like sandwiches, scones, cakes and chocolate candies. And of course, everybody wants to enjoy their cup of tea in a charming atmosphere! Living rooms inspired by the British country style are typically furnished with dark, robust pieces as well as textiles with patterns and nature motifs.
In British homes, you hardly find a blank wall: framed pictures, photos or hand-lettered designs adorn the rooms. The British sense of humour is always in style, so feel free to choose some cheeky designs. Floor and table lamps provide a cosy ambience for tea and talk. For this purpose, and of course for the good china, the British use side tables. In a modern interpretation of the British country style, you can replace dark tones with soft pastel colours.

English Tea Shop English Tea Shop
English Tea Shop - Room 2
Did you know ... ... that the British tea time was popularised by the Duchess of Bedford? She introduced afternoon tea in the mid 19th century in order to bridge the time between lunch and dinner.
English Tea Shop - Products

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The Viennese Coffee House Style

The Viennese Coffee House Style The Viennese Coffee House Style

Dark colours do not necessarily have to appear heavy and oppressive. Especially brown tones make for a cosy atmosphere – exactly what you need when it’s freezing cold outside during winter time. The golden age of Vienna’s coffee houses, influenced by the simple Biedermeier style, was from the late 19th to the early 20th century.
If there is one typical piece of furniture that could be found in original Viennese cafés, it’s the Thonet chair. This type of bentwood furniture was invented by Michael Thonet in 1850. All you need to create the coffee house style in your home are a few classic, ornate pieces of furniture. In combination with the simple forms of the Biedermeier period, they will make a great highlight in your rooms. If you are in the mood for a complete makeover, you can create authentic Viennese chic with black and white tiles in a chessboard pattern. Also, traditional coffee houses were decorated with cityscapes or still lifes.

The Viennese Coffee House Style - Room 1
The Viennese Coffee House Style - Room 2
Did you know ... ... that the Viennese coffee house culture is mostly about lingering and relaxing? Just order a single cup of coffee and you can spend the whole day reading newspapers or chatting with your friends.
Make yourself comfortable!
The Viennese Coffee House Style - Products

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Recipes from Little Vienna

Our recipe tips for relaxing afternoons are provided by Austrian blogger Ursula. For her blog Little Vienna, she travels the whole world and shares traditional recipes or modern interpretations with her readers. Both typical and less-known international dishes find their way into Ursula’s recipe book. If you have a preference for more exotic tastes, you will definitely find inspiration on Little Vienna. Ursula has been writing for derStandard.at for many years and currently works as a freelance journalist and blogger in Boston.

Original Viennese Apple Strudel

As with all of grandma’s good pastries, you need a certain level of experience to make a tasty apple strudel. To be on the safe side, you can read on Ursula’s blog how original strudel is prepared. For the filling it takes ‘only’ breadcrumbs, raisins, butter – and a lot of apples of course. View recipe!

Original Viennese Apple Strudel

Masala Chai

The secret of this tea is its wide range of spices. Among others, Ursula uses cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, anise, pepper and fennel. Mhh... this chai will warm you from the inside!
View recipe!


Staying Cosy during Winter Time

One of the nice things about winter is the contrast between the bitter cold and hours full of warmth. Winter designs on your living room walls will make you enjoy your hot coffee even more.

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Red houses in Bjönnegaard
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