Your Highlights in 2016

Your Highlights in 2016

Bestsellers and gift ideas for Christmas

Delicious biscuits, festive decor and lots of presents – can it be Christmas already? To avoid stressful last-minute shopping before the holidays, we’ve rounded up the most popular wall pictures of 2016 for you. If you need more inspiration, UK-based interior designer Mike Ahern, creator and editor of interiors blog Brit Decor, has a few gift ideas and decorating tips for you. Enjoy stress-free Christmas shopping with Posterlounge!


The most extraordinary shots from our ‘photography’ category

Of course our impressive photographs have been big in the world of wall decor this year. Picturesque cityscapes, the best celebrity pictures, black and white motifs as well as macro and panoramic photography shots will continue to adorn walls in many homes.


Styling tips and gift ideas from Brit Decor

Interior Designer Mike Ahern is the creative force behind interiors and lifestyle blog Brit Decor, which has been sharing Mike’s inspiration and decorating tips since 2010. Mike’s creative origins stem from a Bachelor of Art in Graphic Communication, which led to his early career in graphic and web design. Mike’s love for interiors began at an exceptionally young age, always trying out new furniture layouts at home, even as a child. Today you are more likely to find Mike creating exciting new layouts for other people’s homes, designing and styling residential interiors in the UK. At the core of Mike’s passion for interior decor is his firm belief that every person’s home is their sanctuary, with a strong emphasis towards the ‘Hygge’ philosophy.
Styling tips and gift ideas from Brit Decor Styling tips and gift ideas from Brit Decor

‘I’m currently a huge fan of “more is more” when it comes to photos and prints in the home. Grouping together two or three leaning framed prints against a wall-mounted image will create a cluster of colour, pattern and interest – perfect for a feature wall and a fantastic way to make a focal point in any room. My personal preference for materials is always a matt paper for maximum subtlety and to allow the image to really stand out on its own merit.

Artwork can also be a really useful point of reference when styling a room – take one or more colours from a piece of art and then “thread” these throughout your room scheme as accent colours using accessories such as textiles and ceramics to create a cohesive colour scheme. 

My design picks are largely based upon the theme of foliage and greenery, which can help to promote calm and a sense of wellbeing in the home. I’ve also punctuated these choices with some strong graphic posters, incorporating the art of typography and illustration – great for making a statement!’

Love you to the moon and back
Fog in the forest
Hug me

The most stylish designs from our ‘illustrations’ category

Digital illustrations have been a must-have for your walls in 2016! Our typographic prints provide just the right portion of motivation, whereas collages and pop art posters are sure to refresh your home decor. Why not give such creative prints to your loved ones as well?


The most impressive motifs from our ‘paintings’ category

As in previous years, old classics and new creations are competing for the top positions among the most popular wall pictures. Our fine art prints of paintings by the old masters or contemporary works are timeless and tasteful – and make great gifts for the holidays.


New arrivals! Discover our gift ideas

Only a few days left until Christmas and you haven’t found the perfect present yet? Get inspired by our absolute favourites and exciting new additions!
Our tip: Scandi-style wall art and tropical prints are still extremely in vogue.

This entry was posted on 7th November 2016.

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