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Advertising posters

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Vintage advertising – a window to the past

There is something eternally fascinating about vintage advertising. Each piece is a perfectly frozen snapshot of our past, a slice of time gone by. Old placards selling long-forgotten products remind us of how we once lived, offering insight into cultures and sensibilities much different from our own, and yet still remarkably familiar. Harking from an age before the advent of mass-produced photography – and, later, digital imagery – vintage advertising is now regarded as an art form unto itself. From colouring to composition, every element was painstakingly considered in terms of the message the company wanted to get across. And yet still these artists and graphic designers were able to make their passion shine through, combining functionality with true beauty.

Vintage advertising posters bring an old-world feel to your home

Advertising companies will try anything to make their products stand out from the crowd, and the variety in our range of vintage advertising prints is testament to that. Be struck by the bold lines and pure colours of old tourism masterpieces enticing you to the Italian lakes, the sunny shores of Jamaica or the white-capped peaks of Snowdonia. Or capture the spirit of the roaring twenties in your kitchen with dream-like vintage advertising posters for devilish drinks and exotic perfumes.

Perhaps you’d like to catch a show? Our collection boasts a number of posters for the popular theatre and entertainment of decades gone by, including Goethe’s Faust and the daring escape acts of Houdini himself! Alternatively, cinema lovers will adore our vintage advertising posters for classics like Gone with the Wind – the perfect counterpoint to your living room’s modern home entertainment centre.

Of course, one of the most fascinating aspects of vintage advertising is the excitement generated over products and inventions now long forgotten. Marvel at the turn-of-the-century French “Aerocycle”, or the now-incongruous branding of “Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap”, whose manufacturers were keen to highlight its prestigious use on the high-profile maiden voyage of the Titanic. These novelty items now provide a great twist for your bedroom or hallway, adding that timeless vibe that can bring modern interiors to life.

Vintage advertising posters in a variety of formats

It goes without saying that the best way to enjoy vintage advertising is as it was intended – as versatile posters for your wall, printed on high-quality photo paper. These can also be framed for a more sophisticated look, or you may also want to consider our Dibond aluminium composite – a lightweight material that is perfect for bringing out intense colours.