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Asian art – in a world of its own

Gentle, moving and instantly recognisable, Asian art follows a much different tradition to that of its Western counterpart. Although the nature and culture it depicts may seem exotic to European sensibilities, its clear lines provoke an intuitive familiarity in the viewer, making scenes they could never have imagined suddenly seem stunningly real. From delicate ink paintings to the bold colours of Japanese woodblock prints, Asian art employs a number of methods rarely seen elsewhere in the world. And thanks to the importance of tradition in these cultures, such techniques are still heavily used today, making Oriental art as relevant now as it was centuries ago.

Asian art adds a unique accent to your home

From the old classics to the pieces with a more modern touch, at Posterlounge we have a huge range of Asian wall art from which you can choose. Want a bold piece to dominate your stylish living room? Then look no further than our comprehensive collection of colourful woodblock prints by masters such as Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige. Both gifted with an eye for beautiful landscapes, their works range from the serene to the dramatic, with bold colouring that will brighten up any wall. Hokusai’s "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" is the perfect example of this – never has the raw power of nature been replicated with such elegant authenticity.

But Oriental prints aren’t all striking colours and bold strokes. If you’d like something a little more restrained – perhaps for the bedroom to relax you at night – then take a look at Ohara Koson’s peaceful bird portraits. So simple, yet so effective. And we haven’t forgotten modern Asian art, either: inspired by the flamboyance of Kabuki theatre, Haruyo Morita’s smoother textures and subtler tones make her pieces more suited to rooms with understated design features, though her heritage is still clear for all to see.

Tailor your Asian art to your home’s needs

Traditional Asian art looks excellent printed on our 100% cotton canvas, which truly brings out the authentic, grainy feel of woodblock prints. Or if vibrant colours are your thing, try our Dibond aluminium composite, which is both lightweight and durable. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic framed poster, printed on our high-quality photo paper.