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Bauhaus posters: creativity in design

Founded in Germany in 1919, the Bauhaus movement originated as a response to the increasing exclusion of creativity from everyday life. Modern industrialization techniques were placing ever-greater emphasis on functionality over beauty, and the Bauhaus school in Weimar aimed to reunite fine art with innovative design. In addition to using new forms in architecture, sculpture and furniture, this meant finding new ways to depict real-life situations in painting and prints. This was achieved primarily through the use of unusual shapes and a high level of stylization, both of which make Bauhaus art as fascinating today as it was at this crucial point in German history.

Bauhaus posters for the sophisticated home

As befits a movement that encouraged creativity and interpretation, Bauhaus prints come in many different forms. Understated sketches and portraits such as Oskar Schlemmer’s Staircase scene and "Sealed Lady" from Paul Klee will add the perfect touch of thoughtful sophistication to a dining room or study. On the other hand, the pronounced angles and more abstract approach of Klee’s Rich port (a travel picture) will bring life to any hallway or bedroom.

In keeping with the movement’s focus on everyday life, many of our Bauhaus posters are notable for their warm, gentle colours, but those who want something more vibrant should look no further than Animal Paradise or Physiognomic Lightning. The more adventurous may also choose to spruce up their living room with Alexandre Charles Lecocq’s Costume design for the operetta ‘Girofle-Giroflia’, a quintessential Bauhaus blend of fine art and functional design.

Whatever your taste, our Bauhaus posters offer something for everyone.

Bauhaus posters in formats for every occasion

The strong colours in many Bauhaus pictures make them the perfect candidates for printing on our finely textured 100% cotton canvas, which can also be framed for that genuine museum-quality look. Alternatively, Bauhaus posters on high-quality photo paper will add life and a dash of sophistication to any student home, and are easy to relocate for those who move apartment frequently. Or if you really want to bring out the colour and depth of the scene, ask for your Bauhaus picture to be printed on acrylic glass. A lightweight alternative to glass, these prints can also be hung outdoors.