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Early abstraction and Constructivism

Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, who approached painting as if it were music, probably painted the first abstract work of art. He was head of the group that developed the Russian Constructivism philosophy in 1920-22, but had to step down because of his involvement with mysticism – an interest he shared with the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. The artists of Constructivism were focused on material properties and space, not physic powers. Their art was practical: for industry, books and posters.

Many Constructivism prints were advertisements for state-owned businesses. The artists created posters with bright colours and angular shapes for mass market products. The colours red, black and white with bold lettering were all they needed to attract the attention of eager worker-consumers. El Lissitzky is one of the most famous artists of Constructivism. At Posterlounge, you can find his poster ‘The Story of Two Squares’ in the graphic style of other Constructivism prints. Many of his geometric ‘Proun’ works are also in our collection. They come in subdued colours and have a decidedly architectural flair.

Constructivism prints with geometry, patterns and bold colour

The artist Paul Klee met Kandinsky in Munich in the early 20th century and began to use patterns and abstracted forms, symbols and colour as forms of expression. We carry works such as ‘At the Gates of Kairoun’ and ‘St. Germain in Tunis’, inspired by Klee’s visit to Tunisia in 1914, for example.

Early abstract Constructivism prints are as varied as the artists who painted them. They range from geometric forms both in colour and black and white, to abstract arrangements with colour gradients, to dynamic movement expressed in organic swirls of colour. Works in the style of Constructivism all have one thing in common: They are expressions of the artists’ imagination, not renderings of physical objects.

Constructivism posters from Posterlounge

Whether you choose geometric Constructivism art or abstractions in subtle colour gradations, your new Constructivism prints will add impact to your walls. Try mounting them as posters on high-quality paper. This is the least complicated material and is very easy to hang. Lightweight acrylic glass will give your posters depth and colour brilliance – a modern material for a modern look & feel!

Images containing lots of white look best on Forex foam board. If you are a Mondrian fan, choose this material for satisfying results. Alu Dibond is also a good choice for showing the saturated colour of early abstract art and Constructivism prints to its best advantage.