De Stijl

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Get ‘The Style’ with De Stijl artwork

The famous 20th century Dutch art movement, De Stijl (which translates as ‘The Style’), has a distinctive style that many will recognise. Straight black lines, squares of red, yellow and blue, and bright white backgrounds create the ultimate in simplicity. But with simple design comes a powerful impact, perfect as an edgy focal point in any room. Hang yours above the fireplace, in the hallway, in the bathroom – the simplicity of De Stijl makes it a versatile choice. Take a look at our collection to find your favourite…

Mondrian – the godfather of De Stijl

Many of our most popular prints are the work of Piet Mondrian, one of the most famous painters from the movement. His iconic compositions would add some serious style to any home. If you love bright prints, choose one of Mondrian’s colourful pieces, such as ‘Composition II’ with its large blocks of primary colours. If you prefer a subtler look, pieces such as ‘Composition in b&w’ or ‘Composition with lines’ use simple black lines against a white background to create a striking look. Hang them in rooms decorated in a contemporary style to add to the urban, gallery feel.

A wide palette of colours

While De Stijl artworks are famous for using bold primary colours, you’ll also find some beautiful prints to suit a range of colour schemes. The dove greys and rosy pinks of ‘Composition No. IV’, for example, create a soft yet contemporary look. The hot pinks, peaches and deep blues used in ‘ohne Title’ still bring that vivid De Stijl look and would work really well in a bedroom.

Choosing the best material for your print

The unique De Stijl prints are masterpieces in their own right – and deserve to look their best. Have a think about which material you choose and you’ll enhance their appearance no end. The stark white backgrounds of many pieces look fantastic printed on lightweight Forex foam board to create a modern, slender look. Brighter works are well suited to Alu-Dibond, to bring out their intense colours, or acrylic glass, to give a glossy depth effect. Printing on canvas works very well with some of the De Stijl pieces painted in muted tones. But if your budget won’t stretch that far don’t worry – our high-quality photo paper is quick and easy to hang or can easily be framed to give a more luxurious feel.