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Cubism art

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Different viewpoints

Cubism is one of the most influential early twentieth century visual art styles. It was invented in Paris in around 1907 to 1911 by the artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, who were attempting to combine different views of the same subject within the same picture. Cubist pictures look fragmented and abstract, as the objects and figures they depict are broken down into distinct areas or planes to suggest their three dimensional form, rather than attempting to create an illusion of depth. This form of representation went totally against the European tradition of painting from a linear perspective to create the illusion of space. It revolutionised art, and other artists such as Paul Klee and Juan Gris soon followed suit.

Cubism adds visual interest!

Cubist art is a wonderful way of adding visual interest to a room, as these are pictures you'll never tire of. Many of these works of arts have deservedly become classics. The works of Juan Gris frequently feature musical instruments, which make them particularly decorative and versatile. Cubism could be called the first form of abstract art; it should therefore be displayed where it can make an impact, for example above a mantelpiece or to highlight an architectural focal point. As there is always something new to discover, it is also an art form that is perfect for public spaces or waiting zones. The astute use of colour by the artists who pursued this art style means that these pictures are incredibly easy to integrate into existing colour schemes.

Cubism denotes individualism

Choosing to display works of art from the Cubism movement in your home shows an appreciation of individualism. Cubism is for people who think outside the box. It takes many forms, so it does not always have to be a completely abstract depiction of something. In fact, the fun lies in discovering the different perspectives of the subject or person portrayed; you get to know your Cubism poster or picture almost in the same gradual way that you get to know people. These are pictures with personality!

Like all Posterlounge images, our Cubism pictures are available as framed posters or printed on different backing materials. They look particularly in keeping with the period they were created in as a sophisticated canvas print. Have your chosen image UV printed on durable DIBOND® aluminium backing plate, FOREX® rigid foam board or glossy acrylic glass to add a contemporary twist to this early 20th century art form.