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Dadaism: Serious fun

Dadaism is an art movement that first emerged in Switzerland in response to the horrors of the First World War. Its proponents were artists, often also writers, who approached very serious subjects in a satirical or nonsensical way. The founder of Dadaism was in fact a writer, Hugo Ball. Dada art tends to be explicitly anti-war and anti-establishment, and was often produced by people who were drawn to the radical left. Dadaism set out to destroy the traditional values that were deemed to be responsible for plunging Europe into a disastrous war and a subsequent time of political unrest.

Despite this serious background, Dadaism is also simply fun. It's fun to look at, fun to interpret, fun to play with, and can add a very interesting note to almost any room in the house. Some Dadaist works truly make an impact, such as Theo van Doesborg's striking black and white images. They are particularly suitable for contemporary or minimalist interiors as they also inject a bit of fun into an otherwise plain or stark environment. However, choosing to display one of the often serious subjects addressed by Dadaism also shows an awareness of early 20th century history. The surrealist images produced by the Czech painter Jindrich Styrsky, another Dada devotee, are perfect for a group display, for example, maybe along a corridor or against an otherwise plain wall.

Something out of the ordinary

Dadaism cannot always be clearly defined. Many artists were simply inspired by the "anything goes" idea behind the movement and the concept of approaching such terrible subjects as war and poverty with humour and colourful interpretations. The avant-garde Russian artist Kazimir Severinovich Malevich is best known for his geometric abstract art works, which also happen to be wonderfully decorative. Dadaism also relied heavily on collages, another art form that is entertaining as well as decorative. Framed Dadaism posters or prints certainly make a statement, regardless of the finish or backing material you choose!

  • Poster: the image is printed with UV-resistant ink on coated bright white premium paper. All you need to do is to frame it.
  • Canvas: having your chose picture printed on premium quality 310 g/m² artist's canvas/cotton results in a print that looks like an original.
  • DIBOND®: an image that is UV printed onto a long-lasting aluminium backing plate results in a particularly glamorous look and feel.
  • FOREX®: using rigid foam board as a backing material results in a lightweight print that can also be displayed outdoors.
  • Acrylic glass: the perfect choice for a Dadaism picture as this is a very contemporary finish.