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Expressionism: prints full of feeling

The Expressionism movement of the 20th century was all about bringing the artist’s feelings and emotions into their art. Expressionist paintings have a beautiful dream-like quality to them - vivid colours scenes and a sense of drama were far more important than accurately capturing a subject.

Expressionism is no place for real life! Many of the world’s most famous masterpieces were created during this era, from Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ to Franz Marc’s ‘Large Blue Horses’. Whether you want to display a much-loved classic or simply choose an unknown piece that captures the mood you want to create in a room, the creativity of expressionist prints have a lot to offer…

A dazzling array of colours

Expressionism is known for using intense colours to bring you that heightened sense of reality. You won’t find many bland paintings in this collection, so embrace the bold colours and choose a really eye-catching piece of art. The tropical colours of Macke’s ‘Zoological garden’ would look great in a conservatory or sun room.

Or how about the deep dramatic reds of Klee’s ‘South coast in the evening’ hanging in your dining room or a cosy study? The tranquil colours of silvery moonlight over the waves in ‘Blue Moon’ have a gorgeous romantic feel that would work well in your bedroom, while the bright sunshine colours of Jawlensky’s ‘Pine Trees’ could bring a warm Mediterranean vibe to your kitchen. If you are looking for a subtle artwork, perhaps for your living room, you’ll find some lovely delicate Expressionism pictures to choose from, such as ‘Crushed’ and ‘Dancer Moa’ where fine pencil strokes are used to create a softer style.

Choose the best material for your picture

Once you have chosen your print, make sure you pick the perfect material to enhance its effect. Expressionism masterpieces are given an authentic gallery look when printed on canvas and framed in a stylish floating frame. You could also choose to go with a more modern material and bring out the intense colours by choosing to print on Alu-Dibond or acrylic glass. Some of the simpler Expressionism prints, such as pencil sketches on a white background, look amazing printed on lightweight Forex foam board. And of course, if your budget is tight, the high-quality photo paper gives a great effect at a very affordable price.