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Historism – Art Posters With The Charm Of Times Long Since Past

The old masters have always been admired for their fine observance and accomplished technique – and quite rightly. To later spectators, works of art created in times long since past often exude a special charm. At the same time, they demonstrate their firm roots in artistic creation of their time and their timelessness as cultural heritage. During the second half of the 19th century, a general reversion to accomplishments of the old masters manifested itself as the so-called “Historism” mainly in architecture and fine arts. By definition, the term describes the uptake and reworking of preceding styles. A characteristic example for this trend is Castle Neuschwanstein, which was built from 1868 onwards as an idealised version of a medieval knight’s castle. In painting, pictures by the group of Pre-Raphaelites gained lasting popularity for their naturalistic style modelled on late medieval Italian art and fresco painting. Elegant art prints on canvas or flexible art posters featuring exciting images from history and paintings in neo-historical styles provide one’s own home with the very charm of traditional virtuosity. The online-shop at Posterlounge.co.uk offers a wide range of such murals.

New interpretations of old historical richness

In 19th century Historism, there are several stages and trends in both, architecture and fine arts. Influenced by the previous period of classicism, Romantic Historism was devoted to Renaissance and Gothic styles, which were newly interpreted by combination with other styles. As the name suggests, the following trend of Strict Historism opposed such a subjective mixture of separate styles. Artists mainly applied a neo-renaissance style, abiding by historical correctness and objectivity. This standard was replaced by a more freely applied neo-baroque style during Late Historism. Therefore, to a certain degree, historism in architecture passes through the stages of European building history. This trend is also reflected in fine arts, somewhat less rigorously but nevertheless obviously. Inspired by ancient mythology, there are quite a few representations of the ancient Greek and Roman pantheon besides several variations of “The Birth of Venus” based on Italian Renaissance style. Biblical scenes and images from Christian mythology, such as the proclamation of Christ, are often reminiscent of medieval styles of painting. In addition, the category “Historism” at Posterlounge.co.uk offers pictorial representations of famous historical figures. For instance, portraits show Empress Sisi and Otto von Bismarck, scenic pictures feature Frederick the Great and Christopher Columbus. Furthermore, the busts of Pythagoras and Sokrates are among the variety of drawings.

Historical art prints ennoble interior decoration

Inspired by many different styles throughout art history, art prints and posters from the period of Historism are certain to suit the taste of every history lover. Whether it is the beauty of Venus, the glory of European monarchs or the romanticism of historical and mythological scenery – in the form of modern murals historical paintings provide interior decoration with a charming, sophisticated atmosphere. Moreover, the selection of pictures gives away a lot about the person who chose it. What will it be: heroic war imagery of the crusades, the storming of the Bastille, the Battle of Borodino? Or is there a stronger fascination with great historical figures like Nelson, Napoleon and Columbus? Or perhaps there is a preference for the timeless beauty of ancient goddesses or worldly monarchs? In any case, historical art prints pronounce the historicity of mankind. Thus, they represent one’s roots to tradition and historical awareness.