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Collage art

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Collage art: Seeing things in a different light

Collage art refers to works of art created by pasting pieces of paper, photographs, fabric and other materials to a surface. This technique has been used by many famous artists, even Pablo Picasso, and results in extremely varied and interesting images that are perfect for accentuating a certain colour used in the interior design of a room, or for adding visual interest to minimalist interiors.

Collage art often uses newspaper articles or pictures of famous people in magazines in combination with painted blocks of colour. Texture is also used to highlight certain aspects, a technique used by artists, including numerous poster artists, since the early twentieth century. A collage art poster or print is a fun way to show visitors to your home what you love, whether it be a particular animal, film star or band, city or country, colour or style of literature. The range of styles is huge, from cubist or modernist images to colourful, almost naïve pictures that can add a very special touch to a child's bedroom, for example, such as our range of collages by M.Tenbergen. Collage art often inspires children to try this technique out for themselves!

Collage art is often quirky and slightly surreal, like our Sammy Slabbinck posters and prints, for instance. It can also be very atmospheric and always tells a story. Collage art goes well with absolutely any kind of interior, from contemporary to vintage. It can add a splash of colour to a room and, be cheerful or also serious – there is bound to be a collage art print that reflects what you'd like to express.

It's all in the finish

The effect of collage posters prints can change dramatically according to how displayed, the material they are printed on and the finish. A frame highlights a poster and adds more prominence to the artwork.

Canvas makes collage art look sophisticated and almost traditional. UV printing on an aluminium backing plate made from long-lasting DIBOND or FOREX rigid foam board adds a particularly modern touch to collage art, whilst glossy acrylic glass emphasises the fact that this is a quality print.

Whichever finish you choose, our range of collage prints and posters is outstanding and is bound to feature a subject that particularly appeals to you or adds just the right finishing touch to a room that needs a little brightening up.