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Digital collage

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Digital Collage – Art Posters With Boundless Possibilities

The generation of artists known as „digital natives“ is quite familiar with the possibilities of digital media. As a very current form of art, digital arts explore the manifold opportunities that computer technology and virtual networks have to offer. The use of computers as artistic medium has begun as early as the 1980s and 1990s, when PCs and graphics software became a mass phenomenon and rendered painting and creating via keyboard and mouse possible. The Internet became an essential platform for digital arts, as a kind of subculture far from the traditional art world soon emerged here. Even today, the quantity and quality of their artistic output rapidly increase. A great number of terms partially used as synonyms for digital arts were introduced in order to structure the torrent of new forms of creation. Computer art and computer graphics are central umbrella terms, whereas web art commonly refers to web-exclusive works. In multimedia art digital devices such as computer and mobile phone are used as autonomous medium to create internet-based art. In contrast, pieces derived from traditional genres and forms and created by help of computer technology belong to computer-generated art. As a continuation of traditional collage techniques with advanced methods of computer technology, the digital collage belongs to this field, as well. The virtually boundless possibilities of digital collage offer images for every taste, as available on art prints and art posters at Posterlounge.co.uk.

Pictorial colour explosions due to advanced computer technology

Digital collage is the computerised continuation of a well-established technique of fine arts. Collages are works of art, which combine various elements to create a new whole. Often, these separate elements are seemingly not compatible. Derived from this very tension the collage presents a strong new message. With a shift into the digital age, there are virtually no boundaries to the artistic composition of collages: 2D or 3D, the combination of existing images or the creation of new elements, the harmonious fusion of object and illustration, drawing and graphic – anything goes. Thus, from computerised art emerges a complex, brightly coloured picture explosion. There is an obvious difference to traditional collages mainly in the design medium of light. Digital collages are not applied onto a carrier medium and therefore generate pure and unalloyed colours on screen. That’s why colours are particularly bright and intense in digital collages. Owing to state-of-the-art printing techniques the characteristic brilliance of digital pictures can be portrayed on canvas and posters almost authentically. Hence, digital collages on art prints and art posters shine in all their brightness.

The digital age captured on the own four walls

This very brightness of colours makes digital collages distinctly popular as wall decoration. The virtually limitless freedom of design enabled by computerised work adds to this popularity. Even more than traditional collages, computer art appears like a coherent entity due to subtle techniques of digital image processing. So, of all things, computerised art achieves a highest possible naturalness in collages. The fascinating brilliance and complex levels of meaning associated with such pictures takes the artistic opportunities of the digital age home into one’s own four walls. Here, art posters featuring digital collages provide a modern and progressive ambience.