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Concept art: Inspirational prints for your wall

Concept or conceptual art is art that focuses on the idea behind the work, rather than on the actual result. This art movement was particularly prominent from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, although there are still many famous concept artists today. The images often have a graphic quality usually found in advertising, and in fact, there are quite a few famous advertisements that are also works of concept art!

Striking images

Concept art is often very striking, with bold colours and images, and reduced details. Our range of minimal movie posters for iconic films, for example, is a brilliant way to inject some of your personality into an otherwise minimalist or industrialist interior, like a clue to who you are. However, concept art can also be extremely feminine and decorative despite having a certain graphic starkness, such as our posters and prints of the artist Pauline Pentony's works.

As concept art is always about ideas and concept and not so much about the look of the finished artwork, it is always very moving. It often evokes specific emotions, which is the artist's intention. This art form has therefore also been used extensively to communicate political ideas, a certain view of the world or a lifestyle. It is essentially the quintessential poster art – intended to move people, or to make them think and consider. However, the result is usually also very decorative, making it a great choice in terms of interior design, as it is never boring, and often looks best displayed in groups that focus on a particular theme or emotion.

To the point

This art style features images that range from the surreal and mysterious to pictures with elements that are simply fun. Concept art is therefore a particularly versatile way of adding that finishing touch to any room or space in your home. Displayed in public spaces or offices, it can make a very succinct statement about what the space or company is all about.

Like all Posterlounge prints, our range of concept art images is available in various different forms, from easy to hang posters (framed or unframed) to traditional looking canvas and high gloss acrylic glass.