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Drawings and sketches: Masterpieces in lines and shading

High-contrast lines and expressive shading are characteristic of drawings, whether they are black & white or contain elements of colour. Drawing was the first technique humans used to record or communicate what they saw in the world around them, and the direct means of marks on paper or another material still have the power to touch our emotions. We have collected mid-century modern drawings to the present for you. Explore the aesthetics of the 1950s, enjoy the elegant Asian style and let contemporary art prints enchant you.

From fantasy to photorealism in drawing art

Artists and illustrators generally use their hands to make drawings on paper with a dry medium such as graphite, charcoal, chalk, eraser or coloured pencils – although drawing are also made in pen and ink. Drawings can contain simply lines, or shapes, or tonal areas of light, shadows and highlights. Photorealism is a form of drawing of which the result could almost be a photograph.

The drawings in the Posterlounge collection range from bright, whimsical animals to liven up any child’s bedrooms to realistic animals from koi to pandas. You’ll find owls in sunglasses, bears on bikes and thoughtful rabbits drawn by up-and-coming illustrator Sugah. When it comes to female beauty, we have everything from the retro pin-up studies of Al Buell to the stylised portraits favoured by fashion illustrators. The modern nudes of Bryan James have a distinctive Japanese touch – perfect for the pared down elegance of urban living rooms.

Photorealism is the ideal technique for creating high-contrast, black & white images of subjects as varied as Don Camillo and women in wet-look catsuits. Whether you fancy hard-edged or delicate & dreamy, these drawings take the photo look into the realm of fantasy.

Order drawings online

At Posterlounge, you will find fascinating drawings with a contemporary flair. After choosing your favourite drawing, you can pick out the material and format.

For drawings with lots of white space, select Forex PVC foam board. The characteristic high-contrast images will be particularly effective on the rigid, semi-gloss surface. If your favourite is in pen & ink with colour, consider a canvas print. Finely textured canvas supports ink washes very effectively for an authentic look – also available with floater frame to coordinate with your decorating scheme.

Of course you can also have your drawing printed on Dibond aluminium composite or lightweight acrylic glass – no frame required. Drawings printed on high-quality paper are quite easy to hang and can also be framed.