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Mixed Media Art Posters

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Mixed media art for the modern touch

Traditionally, artists tend to stick to one material or medium for each piece, be it watercolours, charcoal, ink or photography. But with so many options available to them, modern pioneers have started to mix and match approaches to remarkable effect. This blending of techniques can be used to add new textures to familiar scenes, highlight specific features or transpose entire objects and figures onto new backgrounds and situations. An unusual choice of material can add a new layer of meaning to an otherwise ordinary scenario, or several images can be woven together to create a unique message. With mixed media art, there are no limitations.

Mix up your home with mixed media art

Vibrant. Contemplative. Eye-opening. Unusual. Whatever mood you need for your home, mixed media art will fit in perfectly. Get back to nature in your living rooms with one of Robert Farkas’ animal/landscape blends, or inspire your bedroom passions with Loui Jover’s “Lovers on a patterned mattress”. Those who need a splash of pop-art colour on their walls are also well-served with pieces such as “Blue Red Pill” and “Hippie chic”, while the more subtle colour blends of Aimee Stewart’s work will whisk you away to fantastical worlds every time you enter the room. You’ll even find lots of ideas for the children’s den, with Ashley Percival’s owl pictures and M..Tenbergen’s “Beep”-series to name just a few.

A mixed media collage is the perfect homage to your favourite pop icons, and we have plenty for you to choose from. Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and the Beatles have never looked so colourful! Or do you prefer your home to be a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then don’t worry – our mixed media art has something for you, too. Dream-like, thought-provoking pieces such as Peg Essert’s “Silence” and “Dupcism” by Evgenij Soloviev offer the perfect counterpoint to take you away from the hectic world outside.

Mixed media art to suit any home or lifestyle

Mixed media art comes in many different shapes and forms, and we have the formats to match. More monochrome pieces originally printed on old manuscript paper will look perfect on our 100% cotton canvas, or you could use semi-gloss Forex for a more premium feel. More colourful and surreal pieces will reveal their hidden depths on a background of acrylic glass or Dibond aluminium composite. Alternatively, choose our high-quality photo paper posters for a versatile option you can take with you anywhere.